24 September 2019 - PARQUE TRIANON, BRAZIL


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This park feels like a lush little jungle full of wildlife nestled within São Paulo. 


This city park is so lush, you can easily forget you’re in the middle of a bustling metropolis. It feels like a small slice of the jungle, conveniently placed within São Paulo.


  Numerous trails wind around the park. The paths lead you among all kinds of native species of palms and trees such as the iron wood, jequitibá, zebra wood, Nectaranda, and of course the “Pau Brasil” (the Brasilwood tree), which the country is named after.


 The park is also home to a surprising variety of native wildlife. Over 29 species of birds have been reported within the park, including numerous hummingbirds and even parrots such as the white-eyed parakeet and the maroon-bellied parakeet. There are also some resident two-toed sloths; however, these are much harder to see due to the dense foliage.

 You’ll find some human-made attractions, too. A number of sculptures with a Greco-Roman theme, such as a sublime dryad and a surreal faun, are sprinkled throughout the park. There are also benches where you can hunker down with a book or simply sit and watch the world go by.

Clancy's comment: Sounds like a great place to chill out, and take photographs of wildlife. 
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