23 November 2018 - ADOPT A CHATEAU IN FRANCE


G'day folks,

Ever wanted to own a chateau in France?

Adopte un Château is a relatively new association dedicated entirely to saving endangered castles by working with property owners and collectives in their restoration efforts, and connecting them with those who share a passion or expertise in history and heritage (that’s us). France has over 30,000 castles, and sadly a large number of them are abandoned or at risk. Adopte un Château is looking to change that by finding innovative and creative ways to bring them back to life.

The association recently made some news when it proposed to sell €50 shares in the castle of Saint-Vincent-le-Paluel in Dordogne, being auctioned at the end of this month. In partnership with a heritage crowd-funding platform, Dartagnans, the project allows us to become shareholders of the company that will buy the Chateau if they raise enough money to outbid other buyers at the auction.

As shareholder, you would be part of the castle’s future, making decisions at annual meetings, working with a management board and more– depending on how many shares you buy! Of course, if not enough people buy shares, they won’t be able to raise the money to buy the chateau and all donors will be refunded their share money.

They have 11 days left for this campaign, with over 75% of the project funded so far. If they’re successful, Adopte un Chateau will begin planning the revival of this 15th century sleeping beauty which was tragically torched by the Nazis in World War II.

Made up of a dedicated team of heritage experts, historians, engineers and architects, the guys at Adopte un Chateau are probably our best bet at rescuing even some of the most desperate historical monuments in France, and we can help from as little as €1 a month.

 Now, check out some of the properties involved …


Clancy's comment: What a waste, eh? But, there are some great holiday houses here.

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