19 November 2016 - Dr. Judith O'Malley-Ford - BOOK RELEASE

Dr. Judith O'Malley- Ford
- Book Release -

G'day folks,

I'm pleased to be part of a blog tour for a very good friend of mine who has just released a book on a very important subject - PROSTATE. Judith is a very talented GP, but also a fabulous artist and author. 

The Book: The Secret Stalker of the Prostate by Judith O'Malley-Ford

Synopsis: This book has the potential to save many lives. Every question regarding anatomy, disease processes, decision making procedures for the treatment and considerations of the side effects, psycho-social effects and the impact on relationships, are concisely covered - all in layman terms.

For those men who are in the process of taking that difficult step of presenting prostate problems to their doctors, including those unfortunate enough to be facing investigation for prostate cancer, this book is for you.

Today we start our interview with the author, Dr Judith O'Malley - Ford to find out a little more about her and her book. Follow the promotional tour to learn a little more each day.

1. Describe your book in five words or less.

Prostate cancer in a nutshell.
2. Why did you choose to write this book?

I felt there was a need to provide information in a more readable way for men and women, and I identified a gap in the information currently available.

3. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

The message is that men need to start prostate checks around 40 – 50 years of age, earlier in this age range if there is a family history of the disease. There is currently no formal prostate screening program in this country, and the current test, the PSA test, does not clearly identify early prostate cancer. There needs to be another more accurate test devised.

4. Did you have to do much research for this book?

The book is heavily researched, with the assistance of a project officer to access the original research material, and informal feedback from men who have had prostate cancer.

5. Is there something that sets this book apart from others?

This book looks at the current position on prostate cancer, and looks towards the future in dealing with this disease. It also makes a connection between prostate cancer and breast cancer in the respective genders.

The book is available at all book stores. If it is not in stock yet, ask them to order it for you. It is also available from the Morris Publishing Australia's website:

Promotional tour dates and addresses:
19th November
20th November
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24th November

Clancy's comment: This book should be read by every adult male. Here is what I wrote in my review for this book. It is included within the book:

Doctor Judith O’Malley-Ford, MB BS, MPH, JP (Q), FRACGP, has tackled a problem that has quickly become a major scourge of the modern male – prostate cancer. Her knowledge of prostate issues is outstanding, and her dedicated work on this subject should be suitably recognised globally. A few close friends of mine have died from this condition, and one is currently enduring the battle. 

Hopefully, this book will provide some background, and certainly expose this subject to the level it should be in modern society. Sadly, many men avoid early detection, and I sincerely hope that all women in every family will encourage their men to be proactive. 

Dr. Judith’s personal quest to improve men’s health, has been inspired by her father’s experience at the hands of this very disease. Judith is a highly qualified GP with substantial clinical experience, a person of great intellect, and a fine writer and painter. I sincerely hope this book finds its way to all the right places where it can do some good. 

Knowing the astute, sharp and analytical mind of the author, I can only encourage and promote the distribution of this informative piece of work by a caring and dedicated Australian GP. Love ya work, Dr. Judith.

Clancy Tucker

Award-winning author and photographer


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