25 April 2016 - 'KICK-ASS' TYLER - New Release - A story about abduction


- New Release -

A story about abduction, friendship, teamwork, and a determination to succeed when facing great odds.

G'day folks,

Time to release my next book which I wrote some years ago. This is a story about one of the gutsiest girls you will ever meet - Sam Tyler. It is also book one in a series of books about the same girl. The next two books have also been written - 'Life Sucks' and 'Streetwise'. Stay tuned!


When I wrote this, I knew several teen girls who were going through a fairly hard time, for various reasons. One, wasn't handling the divorce of her parents, and the other was trying to come to terms with the sudden death of her brother. So, I thought why not write a book that will inspire them to keep going. Well, it worked. Both the young girls loved this story and found the main character, Sam, empowering. They have since gone on to achieve great things in their own lives.


Why not? Many who have read this as a manuscript have said that the main character would have been my daughter. Mm ... Fair comment. Besides that, as a male author, I wanted the challenge of writing about a ballsy, young girl, and loved every minute of it. Most, if not all of my books have hidden messages for teenagers. Why? Simple. Many kids today have no mentors or role models. Also, a majority of them come from divorced or dysfunctional families. So, I always try to write stories that are not only believable, but also impactful on my readers. That is, give them a few disguised tips on how to deal with situations in their own life. Hope it works.


Kidnapping, team-work, loss of a loved one, high school, confidence, friendships, acceptance of step-parents, authority and courage.


‘Kick-Ass’ Tyler is book one of a series about the life and times of one of the smartest young women you will ever meet – Sam Tyler. So, get in, buckle-up and hang on. You’ll be glad you did.

Clancy Tucker


Sam Tyler is a feisty 14 year-old girl who lives in a seaside town, and becomes rebellious after the death of her father. Her mother has remarried and Sam conflicts with her stepfather, Max. When a classmate, Zoran Cepnic, is abducted, Sam forms a committee to find him, and the entire school is fired-up to help. Her stepfather helps Sam and their relationship blossoms.

Sam does some investigations of her own, wags school to visit Zoran’s parents, and sneaks out at night and finds Zoran’s watch at a bus stop where he was abducted. Excited, Sam rings the police and forms a good friendship with the leading detective.

Sam is interviewed on national television by a famous broadcaster, Martha Benson. The same day, she is approached by a weird guy on the beach. The next evening, she is also abducted and ends up in an isolated farmhouse with Zoran. He’s alive! Sam and Zoran attempt to escape by removing floorboards, but are stopped by their abductor. Will they escape? How will the police find them?  

Clancy's comment: Well, there you have it folks. I'm convinced that this particular book will be a big hit with young girls; especially recalcitrant ones who might have an attitude. Any names spring to mind? Daughters? Nieces? Grandkids? This book would make a great gift for any of them. Adults might learn a few tricks as well. So, don't be shy, head up to the top right-hand corner of this page and grab a copy:- e-Book or paperback.

Today is Anzac Day in Australia, and I will be the official photographer for our local region. It is a day when we pay our respects to those who lost their lives in war. It is also a day for us to offer thanks to those who came home, battered and bruised.


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