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“Prose: Leveling the Publishing Industry Playfield”

I would like to thank Clancy for this opportunity to share “Prose” with his worldwide audience.

Prose is an online reading and writing platform on a mission to inspire and empower writers globally and level the publishing industry playfield. The key to fulfilling this mission is technology. Prose’s technology aims to redefine the experience of literature for readers and writers spanning all skills, genres, and locations.

In particular, the technology emphasizes three primary elements:

1) Simplicity, 2) Community, and 3) Entertainment.

The platform is simple so that creating/discovering writing is intuitive and efficient. We designed it to be social in that the interaction experience feels like a small, genuine community. 

The platform is entertaining in particular through its “Challenges” feature, enabling users to create writing challenges, invite fans and friends to participate, and interact in whole new ways.

For example, award-winning Seattle author Terry Trueman was thrilled to discover Prose and used it to engage his readers more humanly and theatrically. He first posted this challenge –

“Dear Fans:
Write, in 100 words or less, about the 2nd most intense experience of your life. I will participate in this challenge under a pseudonym. After it expires in February, I will remove the pseudonym mask.”

– Then shared it with his fans, encouraging them to participate.

While as a platform, Prose enables new forms of author-audience interaction such as this example, as a cause, Prose is in the process of joining forces with as many publishers, writers, and readers as possible. Prose will then connect readers with the writing and writers matching their unique literary taste, almost like a “Pandora for Writing.”

The ultimate problem that Prose is attempting to solve is there being significantly more literary potential, literary talent, and literary demand than there currently is literary distribution. In short, the vision driving Prose is a win-win-win – a win for writers and literary talent, a win for readers and literary demand, and a win for publishers and literary distribution.

Prose believes that empowering young, talented and aspiring writers is critical to its mission, so is partnering with high schools and colleges to connect their best talent with its ecosystem of distributers and get them publishing deals. One of our goals is to unite young readers and writers from all continents to help young voices get the audience, validation, and support they need to thrive. If you are affiliated with any writing programs, we would love to hear from you.

The Prose iTunes app launched September 2014 and the web app, for non-iPhone users and desktop use, launched in November. You can experience Prose at https://theprose.com/.

For questions, feel free to email info@theprose.com.


H.B. Augustine
Co-Founder, Prose.

Clancy's comment: Thank you, Henry. I hope you get some great feedback.

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