14 March 2015 - KIM WHEELER - Guest Photographer & Author


- Guest Photographer & Author -

G'day folks,

Today I introduce a mate of mine from the UK. Kim Wheeler was born in London on the 29th July 1954 and was immediately taken into care. Kim was sent to boarding school aged eleven and left aged fifteen with a love of outdoor pursuits and music. Kim worked in several dead end jobs but found a contentment driving forty ton trucks he was also a professional decorator and owned his own decorating business.

Kim is also a self-taught photographer, a writer of over one hundred published poems and prose, a dog trainer and dog rescuer and currently owns two large breed dogs. He has also learnt to play the guitar, but sadly the sound he makes resembles a horse eating shreddies. Kim has also written several books which include Rescue Dog Rescues Man which is free to download by visiting his web site

Kim also wrote a self-help book called Battle Scarred Journey where Kim sets out to help others by explaining his own experiences in his varied life. Kim is now working on the next exciting book in the series of Jonny Plumb adventures.

Now, check out some of his great work:


Clancy's comment: Mm ... Another amazingly talented man. Kim is a great author and  photographer. I've read 'Battle Scarred Journey', gave it a sensational review, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Kim is also an outstanding poet and dog trainer. Well done, Kim. Love ya work!

I'm ...

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