29 November 2014 - FOOD ART


G'day folks,

Man, the world is full of creative people. I'm always amazed how some people can see art in anything. Every kind of material can be shaped, everything is malleable and can become spectacular art. Take these fruit and veggie artists. Where I just see a possiblity of a nice salad, they have created stunning and clever sculptures I would never even think of. What a feast for the eyes, as well as being an actual feast!


Clancy's comment: Amazing, eh? No doubt many of you have seen this stuff in hotel banquet rooms around the world. Have you ever seen a pig with an apple in its mouth at a large smorgasboard display? Guess what the drunk said when he spotted it? "Jeez, they didn't even let the pig finish his apple."

I'm ...

Think about this!

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