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G'day folks,

Today I participate in another blog tour for another rising Aussie author.
Welcome, Adem ... 

  Q. Describe your book in five words or less.

A. A fictional, yet realistic teenage novel.

Q. How did the ideas for your book come to you?

A. Being born and growing up in Kyabram, I watched the effect it had on local teens. When I was looking for a subject, it wasn’t hard to come up with an intriguing idea for a book based on these experiences.

Q. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

A. The messages in the novel that I want readers to be left with are; follow your dreams, love your family and friends, and trust that your struggles will make you a stronger person. 

There are also important messages about the big issues in society today, especially among young adults. For example: reporting bullying, the serious dangers of drink -driving, suicide prevention, binge drinking and teenage pressures.

Q. Why did you choose to write in this genre?

A. I’ve always been attracted to writing for young adults, because these hard teen years are something that everybody goes through. I am able to use some of my own experiences and in doing so I hope that my readers will be able to relate to my novels. I also enjoy writing works targeted for adults.

Q. Does the life of your main character parallel with yours in any way?

A. There are certain similarities between my protagonist, Nathan Thompson, and myself. It is not long since I was his age, so I understand him and his motivations, and we were both born and raised in Kyabram. The way he sees some things is also the way I do, or did at his age. We’ve both had our own set of obstacles and have similar beliefs about life. Some of the people who read my earlier drafts of the novel told me that he sounds like me – which was to be expected. I think that there is a part of every author in their characters.


Adem Besim was born, raised and still lives in Kyabram, Victoria. He is presently studying for a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Bendigo TAFE. 

Adem started his writing journey at 14 years of age.

He says, 'I started writing because I'd always had a passion for it from when I was a small child. Visits to bookshops with my father and author visits at school inspired me. I always felt at my happiest listening to authors speaking about their books. Writing gives me that same feeling. That's how I knew that this was what I was born to do; there was nothing else I felt more certain about.”

This is a deeply emotive story told in the first person voice of a seventeen-year-old boy. The themes are many: bullying, friendships, dealing with death, and falling in love. This book will be loved by male and female. 


This is a coming-of-age story about triumph and tragedy, love and loss, acceptance and letting go.

Life's looking pretty awesome for 17-year-old, Nathan Thompson. He's the goal-kicking superstar from the small town of Kyabram. Nathan's in his final year of school and has big plans set for the future; like winning the Thirds’ premiership cup, acing his Year Twelve exams, and finally graduating. One problem – his tough and over-bearing father, Mark, has other plans for him. He desperately wants Nathan to be the next AFL player to come out of Kyabram. 

He seems set to stop Nathan from following his dreams of studying architecture at university. But a thirty-year-old secret of Mark's that resurfaces on Nathan's 18th birthday changes everything. Will it force Nathan and his father further apart or help them reconcile their fragile relationship? 

On top of that problem, Nathan’s year gets worse as he deals with death, bullying and first love.


TITLE: My Unforgettable Year  

 Author:    Adem Besim                    

ISBN:            978-0-9925052-7-1             

FORMATS: Paperback and eBook

EXTENT:    258 pages

AU RRP:     eBook: $4.95

                    Paperback: $22.95

PUBLISHER:  Morris Publishing Australia

PUB DATE:    November  2014  

CATEGORY: Coming of age story

AUDIENCE:  Young Adult  


Morris Publishing Australia - http://www.morrispublishingaustralia.com

Dennis Jones and Associates: www.dennisjones.com.au

James Bennett library suppliers: www.bennett.com.au

The Nile Bookshop: www.thenile.com.au

Paperback and eBook available on Amazon and many online stores.

Clancy's comment: Well done, Adem. I know Kyabram well.
It's a great farming area. 
Good luck. 
Your book sounds like a gripping yarn. Keep writing.

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