22 September 2014 - KIDS AND TOYS


G'day folks,

What began as a photographic project became a bit of an anthropological one as well. Gabriele Galimberti, an Italian photographer, spent 18 months shooting photos of children from around the world with all of their toys (or, for some, their favorites).

But what is more interesting, even more than to see what each child plays with and the difference between the countries, is HOW they play. According to Galimberti, children in richer countries were more possesive of their toys, and it took time to convince them to share. The children of poorer countries, who actually had less toys, were more willing to share them with others.

The toys became a symbol of the socio-economic and the spirit of the country. It is a fascinating study.

Clancy's comment: Mm ... I noticed several things. Not too many smiles from these kids. Most smiles were on the faces of the poorer kids. But did you notice how many guitars were evident? That's a great sign. However, I'd like to see these kids interviewed in 10 years time. I guess by then all of them will have partners, computers and mobile phones - and not necessarily in that order.

I'm ...

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