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Today I'm participating in a blog tour for a very interesting author - Royce Bond. Royce is a well published author. His first book, Kitchen Science, was published by Ashton Scholastic after he won the prestigious National B.H.P. /
C.S.I.R.O. Science Teacher's Award. This book was used in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and in some schools in South America.

He went on to publish two children's books; The Case of the Smelly Armpit and other Scientific Mysteries, and Mars Attack, with Random House. These children's books were translated into Chinese and Korean. Hodder Headline published his next book, Spare Body Parts, and seven teacher reference books were published by Scholastic Australia.

Since his retirement, he has changed his writing to young adult fantasy novels, which have been just as popular.

Welcome, Royce ...


Title: The Summoning of The One – Book 2 in The Knights of Katesch                                 

AUTHOR: Royce Bond

ISBN:  978-0-9925052-0-2       

FORMATS:  eBook and  Paperback

PUBLISHER:  Morris Publishing Australia

CATEGORY: Fantasy/adventure

AUDIENCE:  12 + 


Andrew Weatherby, a bullied computer nerd from Central Queensland is ripped from his world to lead The Knights of Katesch in their direct attack on Maligor the Destroyer. In the midst of the battle in Mountain City, he rescues princess Katarin to find he has been betrothed to her since birth. 

This feisty young lady risks her life to save Andrew. The Knights believe that have finally defeated Maligor after ten thousand years of conflict. In an attempt to escape the fanatic red guards seeking revenge for the death of their god, Agmar accidentally releases a monster army: the Kazdoom.


Why did you choose to write in this genre?

I am a medieval re-enactor so I spend a lot of time pretending I’m living in medieval times. It wasn’t hard to move from this make believe activity to writing about medieval style fantasy. As a child, I used to love make believing that I had some sort of super powers, so it wasn’t hard to include this in my writing as well.

Does the life of your main character parallel with yours in any way?

Yes, what happened to Andy at school happened to me at high school. In my book, Andy is attacked with a knife, in my own experience I was attacked with a hammer. In my book the bullies ganged together against Andy, in my life they did the same.

In the book, Andy ends up knowing kung fu. In my life, I learnt judo and thus ended the bullying. 

In the book, Andy meets two friends: 
Hepzebah and Agmar. In my life, I made two close friends.

In the book, Andy meets a young lady: Katarin. She turns his life around. In my life, I met Karen. She turned my life around and we have been married for 34 years.

Follow the blog tour by selecting the link below. Each day you will learn a little more about this exciting book and its unique author. 


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eBook available on Amazon, Smashwords and many online stores.


Royce is available for school visits. Please phone Elaine on 07 54 981 332 or email info@morrispublishingaustralia.com 

Clancy's comment: Royce, love the personal connection between your own life and how this book pans out. Well done. Keep writing. Hope you sell heaps.

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