24 June 2014 - WISE WORDS


G'day folks,

Welcome to some more wise words. Who knows? Something here might inspire you to get over something, get on with something or just step up.

Another review for
'Pa Joe's Place'

The story itself is what's the most important and it's impressive. It truly was a wonderful tale. Sad at parts for sure, but uplifting, too. It was quite compelling.“

L. Avery Brown, Author, Editor and Publishing Consultant, Texas, U.S.A


By the way, the abovementioned editor has announced a contest to design a book cover for one of her clients. Interested? Check out the link below and go for it. Prize is $200.00. Good luck!

"The contest is running from now until July 15 (deadline is midnight Central Time - USA) and the winner will not only have his or her work placed on the cover of a terrific Young Adult novel that both the author and I truly think will be picked up and just might become the next 'hot early teen' adventure series but a $200 cash prize will be awarded as well." 

L. Avery Brown

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