18 June 2014 - THE STRANGER - Southern Thailand


- Southern Thailand -

G'day folks,

Here is another very short anecdote I have written over the years. And, yes, it is a true story.

One early morning on my way home from a festival in Southern Thailand, I sat on the fence of a large hotel, had a smoke and watched the traffic pass. The location was a famous roundabout that was always busy and a place where I had often sat with my camera, waiting for some spectacular scene to capture on film. Some of my best shots had been taken there, like five people and a dog travelling on a small motor bike or a truck full of workers; some even sitting on the roof.

     I was only there for a few minutes when an attractive woman appeared. I said hello and she stopped to chat. She spoke no English, but that was fine because I spoke good Thai. She was a bright, happy woman with a sweet personality and during the conversation I learned lots about her. She had just arrived in the city by train from Northern Thailand; fourteen hours away, had three kids and was seeking employment. Curious, I bluntly asked her how much money she had. To which, she opened a small purse to reveal 150 Baht which is currently $5.17 Australian. The woman had no idea where she would sleep that night.

     Although I’d had a few beers with some Thai friends of mine, I certainly wasn’t drunk. Impulsively, I removed my wallet and gave her 500Baht and crossed the busy road. Naturally she was gob smacked and asked me why I’d given that much money to a complete stranger. The money I'd given her would have bought about forty meals.
     ‘Farang (foreigner), why did you give me money?’ she hollered.
     I turned, smiled and bowed. ‘Because I have it and you need it,’ I said, and headed towards my hotel.
     Further on, I looked back to find her bowing and waving with a beaming smile. Ah ... The 'Land of Smiles'.

     It’s great to share what you have, eh? Life’s short … Use it … There is plenty to do.

*** New review for
'Pa Joe's Place' ***

 “While I was reading, I was in Thailand, going on all those wondrous adventures with Boo. I have read a great deal of excellent books, and this one ranks at the highest end of the scale with all the best ones. First of all, I do not LIKE or DISLIKE your stories, Clancy; I LOVE them. And what I LOVE about them is that every time I pick one up, I am transported to a new world while sitting in my own little bedroom. Boo is the most inspirational kid I have ever read about, and the way that you wrote it, it feels like I knew her.  And not only that I always feel like I am IN the story, experiencing it all with the characters. And I also love the way that I really have to concentrate in order to come back to reality when mum calls me for dinner or bed time. Keep writing your AWESOME stories."

Lauren Crocker, Student, Australia.

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