4 April 2013 - ERN TREMBATH - Guest Artist


- Guest Artist -

G'day guys, 

As you know I'm always keen to promote creative talent in any form.  Today I feature a great Australian artist who has been kind to me. He allowed me to photograph his magnificent two-storey home on the Goulburn River - one that he built from recycled materials. It is a few kilometres from my home, and an amazing building, photographs of which have featured in my YouTube videos.

Ern, like another artist who will be featured on this blog, has a great ability to capture the true essence of Australian scenes; especially the mighty eucalypts.

 Ern's magnificent country house in
Thornton, Victoria, Australia.

Ern Trembath was born in Melbourne and worked for 16 years in Graphic Arts. Then as owner of an Art centre, he specialized in picture framing, art materials and the restoration of old paintings and photographs. He now paints full-time from his studios in Cranbourne and Thornton.

Ern is a traditional landscape artist, especially noted for his soft misty technique. His paintings are sought after by collectors, galleries and overseas visitors alike, and some of his works have been reproduced and distributed world wide as prints. A limited edition of 250 prints was released by Rotary with all proceeds going to charity. In recognition of his contribution to various Rotary Clubs over many years, he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship in 2004.

Many paintings have been featured in the Australian Art Calendars, and  his works have also been reproduced on various books and publications, including the front cover of a Telecom Directory for the 059 area. In 2005 a painting was chosen  to be featured in the City of Casey Arts Directory and paintings were featured on ‘Sale of the Century’ for many years - an Australian game show.

Ern has won many major awards and has had many sell-out exhibitions, plus his paintings hang in numerous Shire and Regional Galleries in Australia He is represented worldwide in over 20 countries including Rotary House in Chicago, the Nissan Datsun headquarters in Osaka Japan and the Exclusive World Art Gallery in Germany. Ern held art classes for many years and gave lectures and demonstrations to art societies and charitable organizations, and has judged many art shows both in Victoria and interstate.

As a result of an accident in 2003, he lost partial use of his painting arm, but is slowly regaining his career using the other hand, although paintings now take much longer to produce.

The fireplace in Ern's house
Ern also restores old paintings, photographs and picture frames and can also organize and advise on reframing. 

"I paint not only what I see but what I feel about a subject. This can only be achieved by spending many days wandering through the bush, observing light, colour, texture, composition and atmosphere. This allows me to paint from the heart.

When artists paint a portrait they study anatomy. To me the anatomy of the bush is just as important – when I am back at the canvas I have a vast insight into all of the colour and intricacies that the scene has hidden away in the distance. Each scene has a season, one that will show it off at its best, whether it be Autumn, Winter, Summer or Spring. 

So it is a case of programming yourself to be there at the appropriate time, with the right gear and the right attitude and approach. I also feel what you see and what you feel about a subject is very important and this carries forward onto the canvas.

The use of photographs is like having another paint brush in the box along with quick sketches and small “thumb nail” paintings. These assist me to capture a fleeting glimpse of a subject that may only be there for 5 minutes or so depending on the weather. I find this method of great assistance for my major works."

 Gippsland Galleries

1656 Gippsland Highway
Junction Village, Cranbourne
Victoria, Australia  3977
Phone: 03 5996 1232

Contact Ern Trembath
Moble: 0419 895 305


Clancy's comment: Love ya work, Ern ... love ya work!

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Inside Ern's country house

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  1. Didn't know of Ern. Thanks for post. LOVE his work.I'm sorry he is not a man I know. His paintings show his heart.