24 April 2013 - BEAUTIFUL BONSAI


 G'day guys,

Today I feature an extraordinary art - Bonsai. There is nothing more beautiful and revered by man than works of art, expressions created by artists for generations to admire. Bonsai is a living art form, an art form that continues to develop across more than one life time. A Bonsai is a true work of art and unlike other works of art a bonsai can be an expression of a persons entire life not just a small window that is captured by most other forms of art.

Bonsai in Japan have been handed down for hundreds of years from father to son with each owner adding his own spirit to the creation. A Bonsai will live can live for hundreds of years and can have incredible beauty and value.

Bonsai are not just works of art, they are also an expression of ones own ideas so they can take any shape or form chosen by the creator. To bonsai a plant is to keep the plant from growing in its natural form and control its growth to suit the owner. Simple forms of bonsai are pruned hedges and pruned rose bushes, slightly more advanced bonsai are shaped trees or bushes (Topiary). Anyone growing a plant in a pot is by accident most likely creating a bonsai as the growth in a pot will in most cases be less than the natural growth in the ground. 

The art of bonsai is created when the pruning of the plant is combined with the growing of the plant in a container in a way that would create a pleasing shape to the admirer. The bonsai may be a small bush with two or three pom-poms grown on the ends of the branches to a highly advances 30cm specimen that appear to look like an ancient tree that should be over 20 meters high.

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