26 September 2012 - 'ELF' - Early Learning is Fun


'ELF' Reading Day at Eildon - 17 September 2012


Quote of the day:

"Those who insult others are usually describing themselves."

Jay Huff


'ELF' - Early Learning is Fun

- My Local School


I spent some time at my local primary school on the 17th September, as a guest author for ELF Reading Day. ELF - Early Learning is Fun. I've been involved in this since 2005 and have loved every one. Wow, what a great day. I was in the company of kids from 5 to 10 years of age, and seven teachers to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't misbehave. I arrived dressed like Smokey 'Gun' Danson, the main character in my latest book - dressed in moleskins, boots, a Tasmanian Bluey and an Akubra hat. Either side of me was a tall banner that depicts my book cover.

A Community Reading Day involves groups of children and staff from local early childhood services (kinders, childcare centres and primary schools), dressing up and making their way along the main street of town or another appropriate area.  At pre-arranged times the small groups of children and adults will stop at various places (businesses) to have stories read to them by local identities and business people. The event usually lasts for 2 hours.

Little 'ELFS' being read to by local business people.

The aim of the day is to share the enjoyment of reading stories with children and to promote awareness of the importance of reading in everyone’s lives and our local community. The Community Reading Day is a core activity of the ELF (Early Learning is Fun™). Today, was an absolute gem. All of the kids were dressed as Harry Potter, footballers, fairies, karate experts, ninjas and swash buckling pirates. After a very brief and simple spiel on what I do as a writer, I let the kids ask the questions. Here is a sample of questions they asked:

Why did you become a writer?

How long does it take you to write a book?

Did you take the pictures on your book?

When will your book be made into a movie?

My name is Molly. (name of my main protagonist's girlfriend)

Do you wear that hat when you write?

Is your book sad?

What's the name of your next book ... and the next ... and the next?

Did you design your book?

What's the story about?

What inspired you to write a historical fiction novel?

Did you do lots of research?

Do you know Enid Blyton?

 Cute 'ELFS' at the Post Office

I asked the kids some questions as well. The one that emitted the most interesting answers was, 'What do you like to read?' Answers:

Real life stories.

Stories about swords.

Adventure stories.

Fighting stories.

Fairy stories.

Hero stories.

I don't like reading.

Animal stories.

CT handing out bookmarks to the masses.

One boy advised that he draws cartoons. He also advised that his best friend writes. So, I suggested that he and his friend work together and maybe become cartoonists in the future. Another boy was very confident; obviously a keen writer. He actually told me how many words he'd written in his latest story: 898 words.

After an hour and approximately 50 questions, I handed a signed copy of my book to Dean, the School Captain who made an excellent speech. I then offered each child a bookmark - the matching one that goes with my book. Today was a great day - always good to mix with my clients. Kids are great teachers, and the kids on this day were very well behaved. Probably the best comment I heard was one from a young girl, 'Clancy, my mum loved your book. It made her start reading books.' Mm ... interesting comment coming from an avid reader. I know her mum well. Every time I see her she asks for my next book. Sounds like I must be doing something right, eh?

Many thanks to the teachers and staff at Eildon Primary School, especially the students. It was an absolute pleasure.

Keep writing!

I'm Clancy Tucker.

CT handing a signed copy to Dean, the School Captain.

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