24 September 2012 - Scott Neeson

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G'day guys,

Cambodia is an extraordinary country. However, it is where I had my worst photographic disaster. Having spent days taking shots in and around Angkor Wat, I flew to Bangkok, ready to fly home. Mm ... five reels of film sat on top of my suitcase in my hotel so I could safely keep them in my hand luggage. It was when I was at 33,000 feet that I realised I didn't have those five precious reels. Somehow, they'd rolled off my case and lay behind my suitcase. As soon as I touched the ground in Australia I rang the hotel, hoping the staff would find them. To no avail. Damn!

Cambodia is a stunning country with so much history - good and bad. It's biggest asset is its people.

Anyway, always willing to help a good cause, I recently connected with Scott Neeson, the Aussie guy who never completed high school but wound up as head of Fox Studios in Hollywood, promoting blockbusters such as Titanic, Braveheart, Independence Day and many others.  Whilst in Hollywood, he lived next door to  Cindy Crawford, dated models, walked the red carpets and led a glamorous lifestyle. But, the same guy went on a back-packing trip to Cambodia some years ago and ended up staying after he saw hundreds of kids 'working' the rubbish dumps to earn a living. Now, he is a lot poorer financially, but heaps richer in spirit.

You might like to watch this video, courtesy of  the ABC and a wonderful show called, 'Australian Story'. Having seen it, you may decide to pass the links to this post onto all of your friends.

Video link: Scott Neeson

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Now, check out the quote of the day. I reckon Scott is doing heaps of little things well - kids!

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