Clancy's Blog (2) - 25 June 2016 - SPECIAL MESSAGE - CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS



G'day folks,

Am still having problems sending my blog. Sadly, Outlook has renovated its site, and in its wisdom it has made things complicated. Man, why don't they just leave things as they are if they are working fine? 

I will now attempt to send you the posts from the past few days, via my Yahoo address: 

So, you might have to check your junk mail box to find it. Once you've  cleared it, the daily posts should be okay, and come to you regularly. Ho hum ...

Here are the posts for the past four days, which were posted every day, but sending my personal email to you was the problem. Don't forget: My blog is always available on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks for your emails ... And your patience.

Mm ... Start the prayer meeting now. Fingers and legs crossed ...

I'm ...

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