22 November 2022 - TRIBUTE TO 'THE WALKING MAN'




G'day folks,

 Here is a touching tribute to a local hero who made sure his neighborhood stayed clean.  

Known in his neighborhood of Annapolis as “The Walking Man,” Carlester Smith helped keep West Street clean by picking up trash on his daily walks for many years and greeted all passersby. Annapolis artists painted a mural on the wall of Pinky’s West Street Liquors in his honor before he passed away in March of 2021.

For decades, Smith could be seen speedwalking along West Street in Annapolis, Maryland, earning some spending money by cleaning up trash and washing windows. He had many nicknames like “Buckwheat” and “Bag Man” but was mostly known as The Walking Man. For decades, he walked and cleaned West Street until severe arthritis stopped him, leaving him homebound. 


After a viral fundraiser for his home care, the beloved Walking Man would soon have another tribute from his neighbors.

Annapolis artist Comacell Brown, Jr. led a team to create a mural on the wall of Pinky’s West Street Liquors, where Smith would get sodas from any money he earned cleaning on his walks. This mural is a tribute to a local legend who gave his time and energy to his neighborhood.

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