31 October 2021 - HEROES DO EXIST



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Some acts of heroism can surprise and shock us all. When a person puts their life on the line for someone else it is always an incredible thing. When someone loses their life to save those of others, mourning is mixed with gratitude and awe. 
In August 2018, a passenger boat making its way down Rivers State in Nigeria collided with a large object causing it to capsize. As all 24 of the boat's passengers fell into the water, one passenger in particular dove straight into it. 
36-year-old Joseph Blankson was a healthy enough man and could have made it to land with ease. Instead, he made his way through the muddy waters and one by one, saved the lives of 13 people. Fatigue struck the heroic man as he attempted to save another passenger and he drowned as a result. 

 Thanks to the quick thinking and brave actions of Blankson, he was the only fatality of that collision. His noble sacrifice allowed others to return home to their families, though leaving his own wife and kids behind. His wife Mercy, however, said it was in his nature to put others first, always. For his valor, he was honored by the President of the Nigerian Senate posthumously, much like Beltrame.
Clancy's comment: What an extraordinary effort. 

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