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The Cold War era in the United States is like no other time in history. People were fearful every day that this might be it. This may be the day that the United States and the Soviet Union finally go to war. 

The outcome of this happening would have been the almost certain and total annihilation of both countries, and possibly most of the world. This threat was a daily reality for hundreds of millions of people living in both countries.

 Children in the United States would practice bomb drills in school out of fear that they may be attacked at some point. Although I’m not really sure what hiding under a desk is going to do when nuclear bombs are being detonated. Well this reality was such a big concern for some that they decided to take matters into their own hands. The wealthier in America had the luxury of building a highly technologically sophisticated, multi million dollar bunker that would actually provide shelter and security if The Cold War ever escalated to actually all out war. Well if you’re still in the market for a perfectly usable and functional underground bunker, the seller of this multi million dollar bunker may have something for you!

This is the property, located in Savannah, GA. As you can see, it is situated on a pretty big piece of land that looks to be far away from any major population centers.

 The bunker was built-in 1969 at the height of The Cold War, and is located 45 feet underground. The bunker has two different levels. The top level is entirely composed of apartments, while the other contains the common areas.


The bunker was actually originally built for military training purposes. It has since been repurposed into a luxury underground living space. These are the living quarters. At about 600 square feet, they’re quite spacious for being underground.

 Chris Salamone, co-owner of Bastion Holdings the company selling the bunker, said it “offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort.”


This bunker has the ability to withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast, terrorist attacks and civil disturbances. I can’t imagine being down there, knowing the world was burning above you.

  The property also includes air intake systems and a nursing station. Whoever remodelled this place really did everything they could to bring this place up to date. The fact that this place has $100k invest into just the CCTV system shows you that they did not skimp on an inch of this place. Whoever does end up as the owner of this multi-million dollar bunker is gonna feel secure no matter what happens to the world outside.


Clancy's comment: I'd go crazy without windows. What about you? Looks like a guesthouse for secret agents.

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