4 January 2021 - CARLA GRACE - Hyper-Realistic Wildlife Paintings


 - Hyper-Realistic Wildlife Paintings -


G'day folks,

Hyper-realistic art is an extremely difficult skill to perfect. And hence, whenever I come across some insanely good hyper-realistic paintings, I can’t help but be amazed. Those artists must be ridiculously talented and deserve all the recognition and praise. Today, I will present to you the works of one such remarkably talented artist.

Carla Grace is a self-taught artist with a special love for wild animals. Born in South Africa and now based in Australia, Carla has grown up marveling at wildlife and went on to depict them in her hyper-realistic paintings as an adult. Tigers, lions, wolves, giraffes, chimps, leopards, and much more, feature heavily in her marvelous oil paintings and she is determined to continue depicting the beauty of the animal kingdom through her artworks. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best and most extraordinary hyper-realistic portraits of Carla Grace. I guarantee these will take your breath away.

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