11 March 2020 - Queen of Beach Markets - Baga, India

Queen of Beach Markets - Baga, India

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I guess we have all been to some form of market. Known as the "Queen of Beach Markets," Calangute epitomizes Goa's beach flea market scene. 

Calangute, a version of “Koli-gutti,” a vernacular term for fishermen’s land, is situated about nine miles north of the Goan capital. A captivating beach and market square, it’s known for its numerous stalls and shops that line the sandy beach, offering mouth-watering, local seafood.

Similar to Anjuna beach market, Calangute attracts tourists from all over the world and owes its popularity to the 1960s and 70s hippie culture that brought millions of backpackers and western tourists to this area. The beach is about 4 miles and lined with palm trees, shacks, and stalls. Locals sell a variety of goods and food including fried prawns, seashell trinkets, sarongs, leather sandals, and jewelry.

The market square in Calangute hosts a year-round Saturday bazaar near the post office. Textiles, trinkets, pottery as well as fresh groceries including fish and meat are available for tourists and locals. Besides local jewelry and textiles, goods from other countries like Thailand and Tibet also find their way here.

In the central Calangute market square is a quaint old Tibetan market, offering gems, silver-work, Buddha wooden statues as well as other Hindu gods. Carpets from Kashmir, and sarongs from Thailand are also frequently sold items in this part of the market. Prices in the Tibetan part of the market are higher than in the outside stalls. As is common in most Goan tourist markets, bargaining is an art.

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