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Well, after a lot of work, I've finished my latest novel. This book is the sequel to a book I published a few years back, ''Kick-Ass' Tyler'. Due to its popularity, especially amongst young women, I've ploughed ahead  at a great rate of knots. Not only, the next two manuscripts in the series have also been completed, so brace yourself. The titles of the next two books in the series are ... 'LIFE SUCKS!' and 'STREETWISE'.


As mentioned above, the first book in this series has been loved by young women; all women. Why? Well, the main character is Sam Tyler - a beautiful young woman who has a big heart, but one who takes no prisoners when she comes across mongrels, bullies and dishonest bastards. In this novel, Sam is seventeen-years-of-age, but a majority of readers would probably assume she has been on earth before. Just ask the people she meets up with in BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD. 

Many who have read 'Kick-Ass' Tyler' have asked me if Sam is my daughter. Mm ... I've always taken that as a compliment, and it's probably why I've written more books about her. Not only is she attractive, but she is a high-achiever in sport, has a black belt in karate, and has great ethics and integrity. However, she is also very human, and she discovers her human frailties in this novel.


"This book is dedicated to my late brother, Ged. He was one of the best humans I’ve ever met."

Here's a quote from this new book by one of her former high school teachers who sums her up admirably. Sam nicknamed this teacher Madame Lash at school, but now she calls her Lash:

'Sam, you stand for everything that is good in the world, you protect kids, you take shit from no one, you have a great mind, and you’re gorgeous. Your English essays are excellent because you transfer your thoughts and beliefs onto paper. Most people can’t do that. They write and say what they think other people want to hear or read. In short, you are genuine, Sam. People admire that.’


Clancy Tucker – winner of three awards in the Australian National Literary Awards: 2006, 2007 and 2011

As School Captain of Seaspray High in her final year, Sam Tyler befriends some Somali students at school, earns her first black belt in karate, and inspires her school. A sleepover for the homeless is successful, and Sam takes on her surf club when Karina, a girl with an artificial limb, has her membership rejected. With help from Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley, Sam wins, Karina heads to the Paralympics in South Korea, and Sam is made a board member.

Competing in Seaspray’s Surf Challenge, Sam is attacked by a competitor and ends up in hospital with a brain tumour, undergoes harsh treatment after surgery and forms a close bond with all the kids in the children’s ward. Inspired, Sam instigates the ‘Seaspray Drought Relief’ weekend for drought-stricken farmers. Politicians attend and Sam gives them a spray, but the State Premier admires Sam’s spirit. He asks her to address parliament, and also to join the board of the ‘Beat It’ campaign; a project to find a cure for cancer. 

Besides vomiting and nausea, Sam studies hard, disables a drug-crazed addict early one morning, and wins the ‘Star of Courage’. Calls to a talk-back radio show wins her many supporters, including a young farmer, Mick, who flies to meet Sam; sight unseen. Mick can relate to Sam’s struggle, but she wants to stop her treatment. She’s had enough. Then, her godmother dies and Sam spirals into depression.  Will Sam beat cancer? Will she complete her studies and study Law? Will her relationship with Mick blossom?




Sickness, cancer, community spirit, drought-stricken farmers, kids in hospital, politicians, racism, loyalty, parents, friendships, competition, surf clubs, crime, sport, high school students, courage, disabilities, paralympians, pain, anxiety, violence, courts, law and order, leadership, hospitals, dogs, Africans, basketball, Somalia, refugees, migrants, strength, surf, beach, role models,  generosity, winning, losing, heroes, humility, bullies, criminals and romance.


"Another captivating read. Covering a variety of topics as seen through the mind of a very unique young women, with foresight well beyond her years. Incorporating a diverse range of issues facing young people today. This book would do well in the school curriculum, it encourages empathy and opens a diverse range of modern day topics, along with  solutions. Holds your interest till the end." - Kaye Jones

“Sam is an inspiration to both young and old.  She shows friendship and compassion to everyone, despite her own problems. The story will make you shed a few tears in parts, but these are outweighed by her courage and positive outlook on life. Sam is able to bring together people from all walks of life  - struggling farmers, refugees and people from her own seaside town.  Sam shows how incredible things can happen when whole communities work together.  A very enjoyable read for anyone, no matter what your age.” - Jean Laws

"This is the exciting and engrossing story of Sam Tyler as she juggles life - threatening cancer, final year studies, and menacing attackers.  While at the same time she encourages the dreams and needs of other people, and a drought-stricken community." - Elizabeth Longham

Clancy's comment:  Okay. There you have it, but I certainly suggest that you read ''KICK-ASS' TYLER' before you begin this book. It will give you some great background information about Sam. 

Now, don't be shy. Grab a copy for yourself, your daughter or granddaughter, and grab a copy of ''KICK-ASS' TYLER' whilst you're there. Oh, this book is not just for females. You men will find some serious reminders in this book. Trust me, this book will command your attention. It is particularly directed at any of you who have lost a loved one through cancer. 

So, head up to the top right-hand side of this page and grab a paperback or e-Book. You will not regret it.

Love ya work, Sam!

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  1. Congratulations. It's great to see your new book again and reading your blog today about Sam. I also love the book cover. I hope to read "Better Than Sliced Bread" soonest.