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Arrogance and quarreling are forbidden near these three sacred waterfalls.

 The spellbinding beauty of these waterfalls isn’t the only thing keeping visitors on their best behavior. According to the tradition of the Bemba people, the watery wonder is home to the nature spirit Chishimba, who lives in a cave behind the falls. Because of the spirit’s presence, bad behavior, including fights, insults, and arrogance, is not allowed in the vicinity of the falls.



Chishimba Falls is actually a series of three waterfalls along the Luombe River. The individual falls are named Mutumuna, Kaela, and Chishimba, and are separated by a distance of fewer than 1,000 feet.

Though the Bemba people arrived in this area in the 17th century, they weren’t the first to call this spectacular sliver of nature home. The land surrounding the falls is dotted with evidence of Iron Age activities, including kilns, smelting pipes, and iron ore deposits.

 The falls are stunning in their natural beauty, with water cascading year-round over wide granite cliff faces. The falls are surrounded by thick mist forests, which provide a home to many birds and other wildlife. Trails throughout the park and several gazebos offer excellent views of each of the falls and access to the entire site.

Clancy's comment: I'd love to visit this spot. Might be a great place for current world leaders to meet and settle their differences.

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