22 January 2019 - PLACES TO SEE IN DENMARK


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Planning a trip to Denmark? Well, here are some places worth visiting.

Denmark is one of the northern states of Europe and is located where the "Nordic countries" begin. This charming region, from which the brave Vikings, Leggo games, and some of the most beautiful children's stories in the world originated, offers first-rate attractions and beautiful sights. Apart from these facts, Denmark is known for its fascinating history and spectacular views, which will make their mark on your heart and make you want to pack a suitcase to visit them. You are invited to discover one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and explore some of its magnificent cities, which testify to its history, lifestyle and all the good that can be found in it.

We should start in the amazing capital of Denmark, as it has been chosen as one of the best cities in the world to live in, and this can be seen through its green gardens and clear harbor waters where you can easily swim without fear. Among the attractions you’ll see in this vibrant city are the Tivoli Gardens, where you’ll find a charming and romantic Luna-Park from the middle of the 19th century and the little mermaid sculpture at the port of Langelinie. In addition, there are many museums and galleries, and Michelin-star restaurants - for the refined among us.

The city of Herning is considered to be a central and vibrant arena of art and culture, with many exhibitions held here throughout the year. In addition to museums and cultural events, you can visit Baboon City and enjoy fun attractions for children, which will put even you in a good mood, or go to the city zoo. The city is known for its large number of bars and restaurants, so it's no wonder it's one of those cities where visitors enjoy returning to again and again.

Close to a beautiful harbor, full of polished yachts alongside old fishing boats, the town of Svendborg is located on a charming fjord, also the gateway to the archipelago of Denmark's third largest island - Finn Island. The city combines old and new, and in its modern areas you can see picturesque cafes and restaurants that offer tasty and varied food, as well as quiet cycling trails; In addition to this, you can enjoy beautiful clean beaches, which are usually very popular in the summer, from which you can take a cruise to the nearby islands. After all, Svendborg is one of the quieter cities where you should spend a little more time if you’re looking for some peace.

Less than an hour's drive from Copenhagen lies the city of Helsingor which sits on the Swedish border. This medieval town whose main attraction is the Kronborg Castle is without a doubt a quiet and amazing pearl that must not be missed. A tour of the picturesque streets of the city, among the old houses, is a delightful and relaxing experience that seems to be another world far from the busy shopping streets in its other areas. Apart from the old castle, you can visit the nearby Danish Maritime Museum and take a ferry ride from Helsingor to Helsingborg, Sweden, which is the busiest ferry route in the world with about 70 departures in each direction every day.

Surrounded by the narrow path of the Alssund Strait, Sonderborg is a historic place with a modern feel and the home of the Sonderborg Castle which sits in its center. The castle is a national Danish symbol and its rooms, as well as some of the houses surrounding the castle, serve as a museum and offer contemporary exhibitions about the changing history of the region. Due to the proximity of the town to the border with Flensburg in Germany, masses of Danes and Germans pass through it when traveling to other destinations in both countries.

Esbjerg is a relatively new and rich city whose economy is based on oil, fishing, and commerce; As opposed to ancient and historic places in Denmark, this area is considered more modern. Although you won’t see old sites and ancient fortresses here, there are still attractions that you won’t want to miss: theater halls which seat more than 1,100 people; The Museum of the Lighthouse and the Esbjerg Museum, where you can see 3 major exhibits showing local artifacts, including reproductions from the Iron Age and Vikings, as well as hundreds of objects that trace the long history of the country's west coast.

The city of Roskilde is known for its famous rock festival which began in 1971 and continues until today, in June-July each year. This important event is considered one of the largest festivals in Europe and is attended by nearly 160,000 people at a time. But beyond the festival, Roskilde has plenty to offer, ranging from skating parks to unique art and design workshops, to a delightful museum of modern music located in a post-industrial complex. In addition to the modern city, you can also visit the old city with the impressive cathedral towers that overlook everything, and the old port of Roskilde, where you can visit the Vikings Ship Museum.

The city of Skagen is situated at the meeting point between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, its busy port is surrounded by extensive beaches, which in summer are packed with masses of tourists and locals. The city, which was first recorded in the late 13th century, was the focus of many painters and artists who came to paint its desolate but charming landscapes, which marked many hearts. In Skagen, you will find excellent restaurants offering varied and delicious seafood, art galleries and many museums. The place is also very popular among tourists who have visited it before as it is a great pleasure to visit this city.

The following place is often considered part of Copenhagen, but since Fredericksburg has no clear boundaries, it can be said that it is a city within a city. Within this region, there are plenty of specialty gourmet shops, picturesque cafes and fancy shopping venues; The city of Frederiksberg is rich in historical and cultural exhibits, while its vast park offers a wealth of romantic gardens, a labyrinth of shrubs, a Greek temple, and a Chinese pavilion. But the real masterpiece is the Frederiksberg Palace, which is designed in the Baroque style, where you can enjoy a modern glass museum and other delicate displays.

With the newly restored beach in the heart of the city, Aalborg is trying to rejuvenate and revitalize its recently neglected industrial areas. In the renovated city you will find a well-kept beach which is very pleasant to stroll around, as well as a 16th-century castle located next to an ancient medieval town. Nearby is a Viking burial ground which definitely warrants a visit, and if you are looking to go out at night, the Aalborg hotel can be a great base from which to explore the surrounding area.

Odense is the birthplace of the famous children's writer Hans Christian Andersen, many of whom grew up on his stories; As such, there are many museums, sculptures, and attractions dedicated to his literary works. Apart from the places dedicated to the famous writer, there are also many other museums, art galleries and a charming zoo in this vibrant city, which is also one of the oldest in Denmark. With a rich historical past of more than 1,000 years, Odense has a village full of ancient buildings where you can visit and learn about the city's past. In addition to this, the city is full of green and peaceful parks throughout, as well as lively bars and cafes in different styles.

Aarhus, founded by the Vikings, is the second largest city in Denmark and also serves as the country's main port. This amazing and large city is full of diverse attractions and a large number of different architectural wonders, such as the theater building of the city and the local museum. Over the course of the year, many festivals and events take place in v, whose theme changes every year, as well as other cultural and artistic performances, which are certainly an achievement for the local residents to show off. In the picturesque city you will find shopping centers and markets that must be visited, lively streets much more inviting than in other European cities, and unique restaurants spread out throughout the city which serve innovative local cuisine, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Cafes and bars are favorite places of entertainment for the local population, which is mostly made up of students who make the city a great place to live.

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