25 December 2018 - MERRY CHRISTMAS


G'day folks,

Well, here we are again. If you are reading this, you have survived another year. Be grateful for that, as many are denied the opportunity. 

Many thanks to all who have graced this blog in 2018. Forty people have been guests this year, and what an array of talent they have. One can only hope that all you writers become top selling authors, and make enough loot to be happy and contented. If you are an author, don't forget to also write a review for, or make a comment on another writer's website. 

I've been writing this blog now for over eight years, and in that time I've managed to interview hundreds of people. Why do I do that? It's my way of supporting others, and I only hope it makes a difference. Sadly, as I listen to world affairs on a daily basis, I'm disappointed with the leadership that reigns across the globe, especially in this country. Australia is an extraordinary piece of land, endowed with many natural gifts, people and resources, but I guess like many countries, we also lose our way every now and then. Let's hope things improve sooner rather than later. 

Anyway, have a great Christmas, and don't forget the forgotten ones. They could be a work colleague, a neighbour, or maybe a complete stranger. Someone once said that a stranger was 'a friend you hadn't yet met.'

To those who have regularly made comments on this blog, I thank you for following and taking the time to write a comment.

Stay safe and well, and have one for me as well.

I'm ...

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