22 February 2018 - KIDS AND SPORT


G'day folks,

I've always believed in kids playing sport. It's a great leveller, and it teaches them to compete and learn co-ordination, to work as a team, and to win and lose.  Not only, it gets them away from computers and mobile phones and allows them to stay fit. A lot of positive things, eh? Don't forget, kids come home tired, eat like a horse and sleep like babies. 

Here are some great snaps of kids playing sport.

Clancy's comment: Yep, great to be involved in sport, but some parents take it too far. Australia is a great sporting nation and we punch above our weight. However, sadly here, far too much money is spent on sport and it's promotion, to the detriment of the arts. Writers, musicians, illustrators, screenwriters, and artists all struggle.

I'm ...

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