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Welcome to another mysterious find. This time it's in Paris.

Underneath the product aisles of a well-known Monoprix supermarket branch in central Paris, the skeletons of up to 200 lost souls have been discovered buried in a mass grave.

Luckily for the Monoprix stockboys, the discovery wasn’t made until the supermarket chain decided to expand its levels and dig further into the basement of the building on Boulevard de S├ębastopol, where according to public historical records, had been the site of a hospital cemetery between the 12th and 17th century.

Ordinarily, it’s assumed most of Paris’ long-dead were exhumed from the city’s overcrowding cemeteries 200 years ago and transferred to the catacombs, but expert archeologists from the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) were called in as a precaution.

Although the team knew it was a possibility they would find some scattered skeletal remains, they were in no way expecting to find up to 200 bodies neatly laid out in several locations throughout the basement, right under the feet of blissfully unaware Parisians doing their grocery shopping.

The archeologists believe the people buried here in such a fashion would have likely died from an epidemic, likely the plague, or perhaps famine. DNA tests will be carried out to reveal some answers at which point the bodies will be taken into the care of the state and given a final resting place, perhaps more suitable than say, directly under the supermarket’s frozen food section on aisle 4.


Clancy's comment: Yet another odd find, eh? I wonder what else will be found in years to come.

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