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Today I present one of Australia's best known country singers - Adam Harvey. Adam is an absolute gentleman, and I might add, that his name and some of his songs are mentioned in my latest book - 'Pa Joe's Place'. With a career spanning almost twenty years, half a million album sales, gold and platinum albums and eight Golden Guitar Awards, Adam Harvey is one of Australia's most popular & enduring recording artists.

Following the outstanding success of The Great Country Songbook, his platinum selling album with Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam releases his new album Family Life on August 22.
You're looking at a man who's proud
You're looking at a man who's found where he wants to be
Where he's meant to be
Family Life is alright with me. 

Family Life is a collection of personal stories and observations that will resonate with people of all ages from all walks of life. Some are heartfelt, some are humorous and they're all delivered with Adam's impeccable vocal phrasing and expression. They tell of Adam's experience as a husband, a father and a son... of a man who is content with his life.

Adam wrote the moving 'My Little Boy' on the day that his son started high school.

"I wrote 'My Little Boy' during pre production for the album", recalls Adam. "My son Conway was a little nervous about his first day at high school and I was feeling sentimental about him growing up so quickly. The song pretty much wrote itself... it just poured out. During the recording sessions I had Duncan Toombs in the booth with me, filming. I was feeling pretty emotional singing this one and at the end of the song I looked up at Duncan and he had tears streaming down his face! Talk about a couple of big sooks! You can actually hear my voice get a bit shaky at the end of the recording."

There's also a beautiful duet with Adam's twelve year old daughter Leylah, a cover of 'Daddy What If', the classic Shel Silverstein song made famous by Bobby Bare.

"Recording a duet with my baby girl Leylah was not only a highlight of this album, but also of my career," says Adam. "I'm so proud of the way she sang in the studio, and I still get teary when I play the track and think about it. With her typical sense of humour Leylah told me this duet might be a one off because she thinks I'm holding her back!"

'She Don't Know She's Beautiful', the first single from Family Life is a simple, infectious song about a man's appreciation of a modest woman but director Duncan Toombs has added a twist to the video that adds another dimension to the song.

That's not to give the impression that Family Life is all syrup and sentiment. 'Kids' is a tongue in cheek reflection on the ups and downs of parenthood and 'Mere Male' is a song about the endearing quirks of the male of the species. And there's a duet with country rockers McAlister Kemp about catching up with old friends over a bottle of Rum.

"To me great friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves. 'One Full Bottle of Rum' is all about catching up with your close mates for a few quite drinks every now and again. I had a lot of fun recording this one with Drew and Troy".

 Adam and Troy Cassar-Daley -
another Aussie country legend 
whose name and work also
 appears in 'Pa Joe's Place'.

Two songs that explore new stylistic ground for Adam are the poetic and rhythmic 'Count On Me' which Adam wrote for his venerable wife Kathy... "the glue that holds the Harvey circus together" and the chilling 'You Are On My Mind' a lonely tale of loss and longing that was recorded live in the studio with just acoustic guitar and fiddle.

"Adam has written some amazing songs over the years" comments producer Graham Thompson, who collaborated with Harvey for the first time on Family Life. "But I think this is his best collection of songs so far. Certainly his most personal and compelling. When I listen to these songs I feel like I'm having a conversation with Adam... just sitting there listening to him talk about his life and getting to know him."

Adam Harvey's deep, soulful voice is one of the great all time voices of Australian country music and Family Life is his most personal and enthralling album to date.

"This Album really came very naturally to me. It was also a lot of fun because I'm writing songs and singing about the things that I love the most... family! I can still remember the day thirteen years ago when Kathy called me on my way home from work to say that I was going to become a father... I was so frightened that I nearly crashed the car! Back then I could have never imagined the love, pride, and sense of purpose that my family would give me. That's where this album comes from. I've been blessed with the best job in the world and I never take it for granted, but being a good father to my son and daughter will always be my greatest achievement."

Clancy's comment: Love ya work, Adam. 

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