26 October 2013 - INTERESTING WORDS


G'day folks,

Here are some interesting words you might like to use next time you leave a note for someone. 

As the cliché goes, 'English is a funny language' because of its inscrutable structure. The very funny English language has eccentricities that seem incomprehensible at times. Solving a puzzle from the New York Times sometimes makes you wonder about 'abstruse glut of antediluvian perorations, if the newspaper's profligacy of neologisms and shibboleths ever set off apoplectic paroxysms in you, if it all seems a bit recondite, here's a reason to be sanguine'. The English language has an insurmountable data of interesting words for its readers. 

Here's a list of interesting words in English that will help to improve your puzzle-solving techniques and vocabulary.

Agrestic: Someone who is rude, uncouth and uncultured.

Ubiquitous: Which seems everywhere or omnipresent.

Ecdysiast: A striptease artist.

Bailiwick: An area of interest, activity or authority.

Insinuation: A malicious implication.

Animadversion: A harsh critical remark.

Epistemology: Related to philosophy, which studies the science of how we know things.

Banal: Boring, rudimentary, something that is not original.

Godspeed: Success or fortune.

Schadenfreude: Sadistic pleasure derived from someone's misfortune.

Porphyrophobia: Fear of the color purple.

Senescence: Growing old or aging.

Euphony: Bearable or agreeable sound.

Quixotic: Extremely romantic and chivalrous.

Jocularity: Funny or joking speech; joking behavior

Mendacity: A pretense; a false appearance.

Obloquy: An oral or verbal abuse towards a person.

Ribaldry: Behavior inclining towards indelicacy.

Heebie-Jeebies: Nervous jitters.

Corpulent: Extremely fat.

Ennui: Boredom or joblessness.

Callipygian: Well toned buttocks.

Penultimate: Next to the last.

Kakistocracy: Government chosen by the worst class of citizens.

Uxorious: Extremely submissive to one's wife.

Ichthyophagous: One that feeds on fish.

Hebetudinous: One who lacks mental stimulation, dull-minded, very lethargic.

Mammiferous: Having mammary glands.

Tatterdemalion: A shabbily dressed person.

Jejune: Nothing interesting; rudimentary.

Solipsism: It is a philosophical belief that only the self exists.

Hedonism: A belief that happiness is the only good thing in life.

Hiatus: A break; a pause.

Hispid: Coarse bristle like hair, especially of animals or plants.

Perspicacious: To have a very good judgment.

Condign: A well deserved punishment.

Deipnosophist: A person with excellent dinner table conversation skills.

Eleemosynary: Pertaining to charity.

Pareidolia: A psychological phenomenon, wherein a person has the notion of seeing faces of people in clouds, hearing hidden messages and other such unusual feelings.

Pleonasm: Use of redundant words.

Syzygy: Linear alignment of 3 celestial bodies (the sun, the moon and the earth).

Tmesis: Separating parts of a word by using another word.

Pilgarlic: A bald head.

Sesquipedalian: Using long words.

Sciolism: Superficial and pseudo knowledge.

Stegophilist: A person who climbs buildings for the sake of fun.

Clancy's comment: Man, did you check out the meaning of  the word Ribaldry? Trust me, I'm a great believer in the KISS Principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. 

But ... but I did smile when I read the definition of the word, Kakistocracy.

I'm ...

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