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I am always happy to provide some space for those helping kids around the world. Today, I introduce Save A Life Orphanage International in Ghana.  Here is a letter from the director, Jack Darko.

"Hello !                                                                      
I am Jack Darko, the Director of SAVE A LIFE ORPHANAGE INTERNATIONAL, am writing to you on behalf of the organization, a non- profit organization that is working for the less privileged and destitute in the community which the organization is committed to help the less privileged in the community to eradicate poverty, child labor, social vices and to promote individual and societal change. It is estimated that today there are over 400 kids here in Kasoa, Central Region of Ghana who are under privileged, either homeless or exposed to child labour. But currently SAVE A LIFE ORPHANAGE organization is able to cater for 140 kids ranging between 3-15yrs who are passionate about been educated and also having a 3 square balanced meals. 

It is of these reasons that SAVE A LIFE ORPHANAGE INTERNATIONAL was established in order to support and assist these young and vulnerable kids but due to their numbers we are unable to meet everyone and this has been a serious challenge for the organization i.e. inadequate volunteers, Educational stationeries, feeding, Funds and clothes for the kids. Our organization has also secured some acres of land which will be used in constructing a 12 unit classroom block as a school and everyone is excited and eager to see this project succeeding. 

It is for these reasons we are calling for any person who is touched to help. Any gesture will be happily accepted, either in the form of volunteering, stationeries, funding, clothes or connecting our organization to other organizations for their support, We will be happy to acknowledge your donation at our numerous events, (unless you prefer otherwise). Under the volunteering mission, our organization has solely made the availability for accommodation where volunteers do not pay any fee, when it comes to feeding our volunteers are made to pay a daily fee of 30$ which takes care of their food, cleaning and washing of their clothes etc.We further use the time of their visit on touring the country’s most beautiful sites such as the Castle, fort, beaches and animal park - just to mention a few. Currently we are focused on the field of education and health by Volunteers where they can participate and are not restricted if they have any further assistance to the organisation. Donations and counseling is also welcomed. 

I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our management policy, or the projects, please feel free to contact us at the address given above or at our email: orphanagesavealife@yahoo.com  

Thank you,
Jack Darko
NB: Our organization is an NGO not owned by a church but any assistance from them is welcomed." 

Comment by Luci Anim from Germany:

  “I hail from Germany, and met Jack through a referral from Suzzy who works with UNICEF and upon discussion and hearing the plight of children through the discussion I decided to visit them in Ghana.I will say I did not believe my eyes seeing their situation though after my return back I am getting in touch to some people to help but are not yet certain. Jack I will say is doing his best but his resources are limited and this is what I saw on my visit. The children are divided into two. There are those from 0-9yrs and 10-15yrs, and the reason was that they had limited classrooms so there was some kind of shifting lectures on different hours.

From the interview, I gathered that most of the parents of the kids were dead and their family relatives were equally not ready to cater for them due to their own basic challenges, so these kids found their homes on the street of Kasoa, mostly begging and the other group are also those whose parents are suffering from health challenges and financial difficulties which is making them unable to cater for them and these kids in return found their way on the street as well. Now on my visit I was tasked to teach these kids English and mathematics which I saw that most of them were good and with a little push will shine. I also saw that the kids really yearn for adequate class rooms because 5 of them pleaded for it on behalf of the organisation. Jack even took me to a land site which the orphanage have secured for their project.”

Luci Anim

Clancy's comment: What gorgeous kids, eh? Always happy to help any kids who are struggling ... anywhere in the world. By the way, this organisation is seeking a patron. If you have the time, passion, empathy and compassion, contact Jack. The kids deserve your interest. Thank you, Jack, and thank you, Luci.

An email of support would be most appreciated. Or, maybe you can re-post this on your own blogs and websites.

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