17 February 2022 - THE RED PHONE BOX LIBRARY




G'day folks,

A classic red phone box has been converted into an informal village library. 

Though classic red phone boxes of the United Kingdom have largely fallen out of use in modern times, one village has given the local payphone new life. After the phone was removed from this box, the residents of Millbourne in Wiltshire turned it into a library. Donated books fill the miniature library at the old red phone box on Milbourne Lane. Other villagers can borrow and return the books on an informal basis. 

 If you wish to support the enterprise and donate to the village library, or simply wish to see a quaint new twist on the classic red phone box, this is the place to come. The village is also a suitable jumping off point to explore the countryside or the nearby town of Malmesbury.
Clancy's comment: What a great idea.

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