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This ancient rock shelter features cave art and is one of the most culturally important sites in the country.  

The exact age of the painting in this cave is unknown, but it’s estimated that the artwork is well over a thousand years old. 

According to creation stories from Aboriginal Australians, Bunjil is a principle legendary hero, the creator who provides for all and remains a protector of the natural world, his people, and their beliefs. 

It’s believed Bunjil created the land, water, plants, and animals. It’s also a belief that Bunjil established the laws and religion of the region.


When Bunjul finished his creation works, it’s said he transformed into an eagle and flew into the sky where he lives today. 

The rock painting inside the cave depicts Bunjil and two helpers. Bunjil appears in many Aboriginal Australian creation stories. The Bunjil Shelter sits within the Gariwerd, a cultural landscape that supports people both physically and spiritually.

Clancy's comment: I must get to see this. It's only two hours from my home. 

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