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Few man-made objects are as graceful and elegant as classic string instruments like the cello or the violin. 
 These statuesque instruments are just as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear, but this Italian artist found a way to render them even more precious and beautiful. Leonardo Frigo is a talented artist from Italy, who creates illustrations with deep meaning on string instruments. Admire his works and learn more about the artist’s craft below as I showcase stunning artworks by the artist.

After learning how to restore violins and other instruments without harming the instrument’s sound and longevity at an art university in Venice for five years, Leonardo Frigo started experimenting with the embellishment of these precious instruments. Instruments Decorated by Leonardo Frigo

Over time, he perfected this unique technique and started decorating violins and cellos with narrative designs, quotes, and other decorative elements, turning the musical instruments into legitimate storybooks. Instruments Decorated by Leonardo Frigo

Understandably, each of his projects takes up to a month to complete, as the process requires mapping out the illustrations, removing the varnish, decorating the instrument, and then revarnishing and reattaching the strings.

Clancy's comment: Yet again, another clever artist.

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