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G'day folks,

Today I am participating in a blog tour organised and promoted by Morris Publishing Australia for author Robert Favretto. Robert has worked as a generalist P-6 primary teacher, including Physical Education specialist. He has also worked in Special Education - providing a range of Life Skills programs for socially and emotionally impaired students. In addition to his teaching career, he is a writer of children's fiction. Some of his previous publishing credits include: On the Nose and CAT-astrophe (Morris Publishing Australia), Leonardo's Spot of Trouble (Blake Education) and Lost for Words (Limelight Press). Today we particularly endorse On The Nose.

Welcome, Robert ...

How did you become a writer? 

As a teacher, I enjoy telling tall tales and reading to my students. One day, I was encouraged by a colleague to enter one of my stories in a writing competition. To my surprise, I won a trip to Queensland and had my story printed in a school magazine. This positive experience started me on the path to writing.

Did you have to do much research for this book?

I did some work at the local tip to gain first-hand experience of unpleasant odours. I spread composted manure on my vegie patch and visited a sewage treatment plant. (No… not really). Seriously though, I did do some research on a rare, smelly organism that I used in the story. It’s important to do your homework, in order to get your facts right!
Did you have the manuscript professionally edited before it went to the publisher? 

Yes. My manuscript was critically assessed for spelling, grammar, style, and clarity, to smoothing-out awkward phrasing and sentence structure. A thorough assessment can definitely help your work reach a publishable standard. 

Did you submit your manuscript to many publishers before you had an offer to publish? 

I sent OTN to four publishers. Two were interested and offered me a publishing contract. I eventually settled with Morris Publishing Australia. You can imagine how thrilled I was. No lemon was big enough to wipe the smile off my face!

Can you tell me about the main character and what you like/dislike about him/her? 

Justin Credible is a quirky character with a long nose. He is an expert on smells and works as a detective for the DNA (Department of Nasal Affairs) to solve crimes of a smelly nature. I admire Justin’s courage and noble qualities, but would not like to be on the receiving end of one of his cyclonic sneezes – hankie thanks very much!

Is there something that sets this book apart from others? 

This book contains some horrible, disgusting smells that are sure to raise a stink! It’s the sort of book that will appeal to young readers who love to read smelly stories, and love to smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly.

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As part of the blog tour, we will give away a copy of ‘On The Nose’. To be in the draw, simply comment on the post and send an email of your comment to:


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Competition closes midnight EDST 15th April 2014.

What's it about?: 

Justin Credible is a real live Pinocchio with a keen sense of smell. Trained as a super sleuth for the DNA (Department of Nasal Affairs), he is often called upon at the first sniff of trouble.

With a nose for those hard to crack smelly cases, it's no surprise when Justin responds to an urgent call for help. Someone or something has dropped a stink bomb in the city of Aroma – and the stench is devastating!

Gardens are wilting, birds are dropping out of the sky, and the residents are leaving in droves!

With sleuth-like determination, Justin follows his nose to solve the mystery of the phantom smell before it wipes Aroma off the map!


ISBN: 978-0-9875434-7-9


PUBLISHER: Morris Publishing Australia

PUB DATE: February 2014

CATEGORY: Children’s book - Humour

AUDIENCE: Early readers - 7 - 10 years

Morris Publishing Australia -

EXTENT: 44 pages

AU RRP: eBook: $4.99

Paperback: $13.95

eBook available on Amazon, Smashwords and many online stores.

Join us for reviews and more interesting facts about Robert and the book as you follow the tour.

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 Clancy's comment: Good luck, Robert. Takes a special type of person to be able to write entertaining books like this, especially for young boys. Keep going.

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