8 August 2013 - LOVE ON THE ROAD 2013 CONTEST - Results



G'day guys,

You may recall on the 15th of January I announced an international short story contest, and that I'd been invited to be one of the judges - LOVE ON THE ROAD 2013.

Well, the results are in, and what an extraordinary collection of stories we had to assess. A short list of twelve was selected and ... here are the results:

First Place: "L'Amoureux," by Kathryn Shaver

Second Place: "Lady in a Tower," by Tara Isabella Burton

Third Place: "Cindy in Manhattan," by Kimberly Cawthon 

The other stories on the short list:

 "Snail Honey," by Travis Dahlke

"Our Unlikely Fusion," by Danusha Goska

"Victor and Pamina," by Erika Jung

"All That You Forgot to See," by Naima Lynch

"Upside Down Trees," by Doreen E Massey

"The Girl with the Egg-Shaped Face," Mohita Nagpal

"The Memorable Memo," by Catherine Onyemelukwe

"The Road to Napanee," by Joanna Pocock

"April in Leningrad," by Nina Shengold

What's going to happen?

The organisers plan to publish these stories as a book. They are currently negotiating with an an agent in London, hoping they will pitch it to publishers. If that doesn't work out, the organisers will publish it.

Where did the entries come from?

I know we had authors from the US, UK, India, Australia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Canada, South Africa, Israel, and Greece, among other places.
It's been a great experience and the key organisers are hoping to do it again next year. 
Stay tuned ...
Now, on another happy note, here are some great pics
 of an elephant saving her baby from a mud hole. 

Gotta love mums, eh?
I'm ...

Think about this!

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