11 October 2012 - International Day of Peace


G'day guys,

The 21st of September was the International Day of Peace. Did you know? Remember? Give it any thought? Mm ... as I wrote on my blog on that day, 'Doubt we will ever achieve it, but I guess it's like justice - worth battling for.' Today I'd like to highlight the plight of many, especially kids,  so we don't forget how lucky we are - most of us that is.


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A very close friend of mine is a Buddhist Monk, living in Thailand. He reads this blog every morning. In fact, he waits for it to appear - Thailand being four hours behind Australia. Why does he read it every day? He says it is one way he can keep in touch with me ... and it sometimes makes him chuckle. He is well aware of my personality and activities.

Who is he? Well, he's a Buddhist Monk of course, but in a previous life he was a professor of literature in a famous American university. Yep, a great human, who gave up a sensational job to spend more time with the great unwashed - a man I can debate with, laugh with and learn much from.

Another friend, Nali, is an African who reads my blog when he can. Why, because he's too busy looking after refugees. I can live with that, knowing him for the past 35 years, and knowing the passion he has for doing the right thing for his country's men, women and kids. Nali is also well educated and had many opportunities to be a big wheel in the USA, but he chose to do something for his country.



Let's look at some photographs that show the other side of life.

We all need reminders, eh?

Thank you to the photographers for depicting how life really is.

Mm ... cute kids, eh? I wonder what their future is? Life's short, use it.

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