11-July-2012 - SELF PUBLISHING

Quote of the day:

"The brightest future will
always be based on a forgotten past,

you can’t go on well with
life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.

When you were born,
you were crying and everyone around you was smiling.

Live your life so that
when you die, you’re the one who is smiling

and everyone around you is crying!"

Writing tip of the day - SELF-PUBLISHING:

G'day guys,

as mentioned in my last post, self-publishing is becoming increasingly popular far a variety of reasons. Having been down this path myself, I have collated a series of points that should be addressed. These relate to Australians, but I'm sure many of the points will be worthwhile for those of you who do not live Downunder. Hope they help.

Note Bene: Self-published books are seriously shunned by mainstream publishers. Why? Their biggest comment is that many self-published books have not been edited by a professional. Often they are right, so approach a good editor and have your work assessed. It will cost money, but is worth it. Having said that, I've seen some books produced by mainstream publishers that were shabby.


Clancy Tucker (c) - January 2012

          Arrange manuscript for printing company (Word doc.). Allow for page numbers to begin on correct page. ie page five is really 1, not page one which will be the cover. Make sure document is accurate and laid out the way you want it. I’ve used an unusual font. It’s easy to read: Abadi MT Condensed Light – font size 12. If you are a photographer like me, use your own photographs, and make sure the cover photograph reflects the story contained within.

 Arrange cover as one document. Don’t forget to include the spine and to mention awards you’ve won across bottom of front cover.

  1. Centre justify text for manuscript.

  2. Apply for ISBN number first - through: http://www.thorpe.com.au/ about five days
    wait. A separate ISBN number is required for eBooks.

  3. You need an ISBN number before applying for a CIP number via The National Library:  http://www.nla.gov.au/cip about five days wait. NB: E-books do not need to be registered with the National Library or your state library, except in WA.

  4. Place barcode and ISBN (combined) on back cover - right side, bottom.

  5.  Place QR (Quick Response logo) bottom left side of back cover. Make sure it is
    designed to go straight to your website.

  6. Don’t forget to place relevant publishing details on inside cover of book ... CIP,
    ABN, ISBN numbers etc. Also add your own logo.

  7. Make sure printer sends you a fully bound copy to check before approving the printing. Check it thoroughly, make  any changes to the original word.doc and return to printer for printing.

  8. I suggest a matching bookmark to go with book. Ensure your name, website or email
    address is at the top and bottom of each side – good advertising, eh?

  9. When published, a copy of the book must be sent to your state library and also to
    the National Library. They will acknowledge receipt.

  10. Register your book with:

  Nielsens: http://www.nielsenbookdata.com.au/controller.php?page=140

Bowkerlink: http://www.thorpe.com.au/bowkerlink/

James Bennett
(Library supplier): http://www.bennett.com.au/

Dennis Jones and
Associates: http://dennisjones.com.au/

     13. Register for PLR: (public lending rights) and ELR: (educational lending rights) for each book. You must register separately as author and publisher, if you are self-published. www.arts.gov.au/literature/lending_rights

     14. Mention your book on your website and blog with a big fanfare. Maybe put some
testimonials there from those who love ya work.

     15.  Join Authors Australia and advise them so that your book is on their website.

     16.  Join the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL): http://www.copyright.com.au/  You can apply for grants up to $5000.00 from CAL. They have what they call a Cultural Fund.

     17. I’d suggest you also make an eBook. Simple: www is the biggest marketplace in the
world – why miss out on it? You will need to send them a word.doc because PDF’s
are too difficult to work with.

      18.  Maybe place a Youtube video on the Net – an interview with the author, answering some personal questions that are not answered in the book – who, why, when and where? Make it brief – no more than 3 minutes.

       19. Make an audio book.

        20. Issue a press release.

        21. Organise a blog tour and offer a free copy of your eBook to the hosts in appreciation. Do interviews with local radio stations and newspapers etc. Whether you have a publisher or are self-published, it is your job to sell yourself.

        22.  Flog ya book and meet me in Thailand.

Keep writing!

Don't be shy ... head to the top of the page and leave a comment, make a suggestion, bitch or snarl. Or, send me an email: clancy_tucker@hotmail.com

Thanks for listening.

I'm Clancy Tucker


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