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Oliver Cromwell marched his army over this narrow bridge to victory at the Battle of Preston in 1648. 

This bridge was built during the Tudor period but found fame in August 1648 in the English Civil War. During the war, Oliver Cromwell marched his army of more than 8,000 soldiers along with artillery over the bridge on his way to the battle of Preston. Despite being outnumbered, he defeated the combined army of English Royalists and  Scots “Engagers” who marched south in support of King Charles I.


The bridge was a packhorse bridge and has been out of use since the nearby Lower Hodder Bridge was built in the early 19th-century. The parapets of Cromwell’s Bridge were constructed very low from the start, to allow pack horses, loaded with panniers, to cross.

The bridge provides an attractive and romantic setting. The central arch has become quite popular with wedding photographers.

Clancy's comment: I loved seeing these ancient structures when I toured the UK and Europe.

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