24 July 2016 - JOHN QUINLAN - Guest Model and Actor

- Guest Model and Actor -

G'day folks,

Today, I re-introduce a man who has been a guest before. However, John is now embarking on an acting career on the big screen. I have asked him my toughest questions and his replies are hereunder. It is in a different format but you will get the drift.

Welcome, John ... Take it away.

I am model and actor who is currently getting ready to film the role of US Army Captain Nixon in the film, A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives. Coming to theaters 2017.

The happiest moment of my life would have to be the birth of my children which means I have 3 "happiest" moments of my life.

The saddest moment in my life would be when my grandfather passed away in front of me as he was life's greatest mentor.

To answer your question about who surprised me the most it would have to be myself as I never thought I would continue this journey after all these years without quitting or giving up. Through all the adversity and rough times I'm still here with some very special things in the near future.

My biggest disappointment probably would not be one specific thing. I truly believe sometimes I can be a perfectionist and when things don't go my way it's a disappointment. Any model will tell you anytime you don't get selected for a job you feel disappointment. I have been honored as a model to have been selected for some very special things and with that being said I have had my share of disappointments along the way. I think those disappointments taught me a lesson in life about how to handle adversity and become a better man and a stronger man in the process.

This is a very interesting question you ask me Clancy and I think many of my answers won't be specific one topic answers like this one. To answer your question about who I have misjudged I would have to say back in the day I would often miss judge people based on the outward appearance. Now that I have matured and I am older I can look at my own self who has been a victim of being misjudged based on his outward appearance. I have been labeled a troublemaker, thug and a punk among many others which I am none of. I take people for who they and not what they look like.

I think my biggest challenge what is starting off this life as a very very little kid who never was blessed with some of the God given talent that many of my peers were blessed with. I always felt I had to work double as hard as the next guy to achieve the same things that those took for granted. I think in doing so after all these years and never quitting and being consistent at this lifestyle it is finally paid off with some great things that are coming in the future.

I think my biggest regret that I have my life was when my grandmother was getting old I never took a few minutes to go visit her because I was wrapped up in my fitness projects and personal goals. I wish I can go back in time and spend a few minutes with her because I can never get that time back and that hurts me.

My last dying comment would be, "if you believe in a dream, never give up and keep fighting to attain it until you take your last breath."

Sadly with stuns me the most is all the great stars and people around me keep dying. For whatever reason, drugs, suicide or whatever it may be they are all far too young it's very sad to see.

To be quite honest with you one thing that stunned me the most in my life, being a great sports fan, will be when I watch Mike Tyson lose to James Buster Douglas as Tyson lost his aura of invincibility that night. He was like a God to all of us kids. I have always been a strong supporter of Mike Tyson and will continue to do so.

Written on my tombstone is very simple, "Beloved father of Troy, Cole and Mia." The most important thing in my life being a good dad which reigns supreme above all and it's what I am most proud of.

I would rather have not met Anton Antipov onstage at the 2012 NPC Rhode Island Men's Physique Overall Championship because he kicked my ass. He is one of the greatest models in the world so to lose to him is still quite an honor. In all seriousness, I'm honored to have met Anton as we are friends but it would have been nice to square off gainst somebody else that night. All in good fun.

I don't relly get envious of anybody. If I had to say any kind of envy that I may have it would be envious of those people who have God given talent or lots of money and things that I did not have working my way to the top. I would often say to myself, "imagine how good I could be if I had both of those on top of my drive to succeed."

I have forgiven many people in my life for doing terrible things and I don't believe in holding grudges forever. I think this question is more of a personal question and I'll just leave it at that.

The greatest moment in my life was the day my first child was born I said, "I can't believe I created something so beautiful." I was just amazed.

My greatest achievement in my own personal opinion is conveying to so many people what kind of a person I truly am. So many people come up to me and say we admire you for your attitude and hard work ethic so much. To earn the respect of so many people around me is the most meaningful to me.

Personality traits I would like to have in my next life have to remain mostly the same. Be respectful of others, be polite and treat others the way they want to be treated. Just try to be a good John Joseph Quinlan all over again in the next life.

Advice I would give today's world leaders would be stop forgetting about our veterans. So many veterans in the United States are forgotten about and live in poverty. They need to be taken care of because of what they did and how they sacrificed everything for the benefit of us.

As a parent myself the advice I would give to other parents is keep the communication window open with your children. Always communicate and be there for them so know they can go to you with any issue and feel comfortable.

If I was stuck on a desert island I would choose to be stuck with Tom Hanks because he survived in the film Castaway so he could definitely help me survive on the island.

Heroes I have always admired my personal life. My grandfather, who passed away in 2013,  because the way he was a role model to me and so many people. He always respected others and was kind. I never heard him talk bad of anybody in all the years I knew him. I have also always admired the actors who achieve greatness through hard work and persevered through the hard times. We've all heard the stories how they went through terrible periods of poverty and struggle in disappointment. They just kept going and never quit. They are an example of believing in a dream where you believe you can achieve it no matter what. All done with hard work and never giving up.

The legacy I would love to leave behind was recntly said perfectly to me in the words of director and producer Jillian Bullock. She said, "you want to leave behind a legacy as a great father and a great actor for your children." Very powerful words Jillian, thank you."

I think what is lacking in the world today is overall acceptance of people. Regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation I think many people are too judgemental. We need to take people for who they are and not what they are.

Pearls of Wisdom from John Quinlan would be, "always work hard and stay true to yourself because people respect you for it."

The last sentence I would ever write is the one I use on lots of my social media very often, "God Bless the Masses."

What inspired me the most to be where I am today are all the stories of those before me who worked so very hard to overcome adversity and reach the top of the world.

Is it a general answer. I have so many friends around me that make me laugh whenever I'm having a bad day. I have so many friends that say stupid jokes and funny things that I just laugh and forget about all my problems. I always said, "humor is the best medicine."

I think it will be a sports star, as I always respect athletes because they work so very hard perfecting their cradt. A Navy Seal as they are some the toughest human beings on Earth who command the upmost respect for what they do. I also think a police officer is right there as well because they protect us and they put their lives on the line every day to protect the public.

The prime focus in my life today is to be a good father to my kids along with being positive and focusing on my goals. Being humble in the process during the time it takes to make those dreams a reality.

I think I've lost the fear of doing something wrong because even as a model, for all the successes come just as many failures. The failures teach you how to handle these setbacks as well as helping you become a better man. The failures help you deal with adversity in life. I've learned it's okay to fail because on the road to great success failure is normal so I'm not afraid of it.

There are so many world events that have had significant impacts on me. I know it wakes you up as a young kid to see so much violence in the world. We all know it's a cliche phrase but World Peace would be nice. A world free of violence and and hate.

I believe these two go hand-in-hand. I think knowing the meaning of your own life and your life's purpose is significant. Fulfilling these purpose makes your life complete when you look back on it years later.

The way the world should go forward in my own personal perspective is a world free of hate and violence.  A world free of racism where everyone works together to achieve their American Dream.

If I had the chance to live again and had the chance to change one thing about me it would probably be to not make such quick decisions. Not to be so impulsive. Sit back and take my  time a bit more before deciding on things that will be life changing. So many times it's that one decision that has affected my entire future.

I have a bucket list like many people do. There are so many places I want to go, people I want to meet and things I want to accomplish. I am sure in time I will fulfill this list that is too long for me to mention.

I have been told one of my claims to fame is that I was the most tattoos male romance cover model in the world in 2013 and 2014. I was one the very first tattooed male romance cover models to be used mainstream on book covers. I helped pave the way for so many other tattooed male models that wanted to grace the covers of books who never thought they could. I finally broke that barrier and made it acceptable in the romance industry for them to do so which I am very proud of.

Let me just add how thankful I am to Clancy Tucker for this great interview today. I have nothing but respect for you my friend and I'll be honored to come back again in the future anytime you would like to have me. God bless.

Model & Actor Site - http://www.johnjosephquinlan.com/

Clancy's comment: Well done, John. Thanks for coming on board. Two of my books are soon to be movies, so I wish you well. Let us now when your movie is on the big screen.

I'm ...

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