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New Release!

A novella about disabilities,
loyalty and courage
G'day folks,

It's time to release one of my favourite stories - SHEEZA. This is my second novella. So, what's a novella you may ask? They say it's a story that is longer than a short story, but not long enough to be classified as a novel. Having said that, some folks often wonder why authors write novellas, rather than expanding the story to make it longer. Well, my view is pretty simple. I could easily pad out my novellas with all sorts of stuff, but that would only detract from the story. It's just adding what I call 'stuff'. Being a lover of the KISS PRINCIPLE (Keep It Simple Stupid), I'd rather write and present a story that is entertaining, rather than one that is full of padding. Not only, shorter books are often more appealing to reluctant readers, normally boys; the ones to whom I pitch my stories.


I have always loved Australian sheep dogs and cattle dogs, have spent much time on farms, and also been a farmer. So, the main star in this story is an Australian Kelpie. Why not? Mind you, Sheeza is also assisted by his owner, Danny, and Danny's best mate, Joey. You will love Joey.

However, although I wanted to write about one of my favourite dogs, I also wanted to emcompass a few other issues along the way. Issues like: bullying, disabilities, loyalty and courage. Not only but also, readers of this novella may learn a lot about Australia. Sadly, many city-based kids in Australia have never been on a farm, and I seriously doubt if some kids have actually seen a cow or horse up close and personal.


Simple. Why not? Everyone likes dogs. However, trust me. These Aussie sheep dogs are absolutely brilliant. They are smart and extraordinarily loyal. I know. I've had some. To watch these amazing animals round up sheep at a sheep dog trial is gob smacking. If you have never seen such an event before, do it before you die. You will be enthralled.


This story is dedicated to all Australian cattle and sheep dogs.

 It is also dedicated to kids born with a disability.


Danny Morandi lives in a large Australian country town and is bullied by a local farm boy, Kyle ‘Mad Dog’ Fletcher, because Danny has an artificial leg, wears glasses and wants a sheep dog. Danny’s best friend, Joey, defends him in a fight with the bully and they end up before the school principal.

 Inspired by videos he’s seen on English sheep dogs, Danny earns money by doing odd jobs, and his parents finally agree to him having a sheep dog after some rousing fights. He purchases a female pup born with a deformed hind leg and names her Sheeza. Danny trains her to compete in the Wanganui Sheep Dog Trials and finally enters the prestigious contest. It rains during his presentation, Danny falls over and the bully’s dog deliberately interrupts his trial, but Danny pushes on. Will he finish? Will he win?

 Sheeza is stolen and Danny is heart-broken. Months pass and he loses hope of finding his dog, but Joey remains positive. With the help of friends, Danny appears on talkback radio and later that night on a famous television show, ‘Tonight Live’. His search for Sheeza has caught the attention of the entire nation. People call the station and recall seeing his dog. Then, a dog matching Sheeza’s description is located outside a diner in Bundaberg, Northern Queensland. Is it Sheeza? Will Danny find his dog?


Anyone who loves dogs. Yep, any age group. And, anyone who loves a great story about those who have overcome disabilities. Don't forget. If you are not born with a disability, you will probably pick up one along the way. But, how will you cope? Sheeza and Danny will give you a few tips on that score.


"‘Cool. Let’s go dog-huntin’. Hey, Mr M. Ya won’t regret ya decision ya know. Dan knows heaps of stuff about them dogs … Trust me,’ said Joey confidently.

    Bruno Morandi laughed. He liked Joey. Besides being an honest kid, and Danny’s closest friend, he’d never forgotten how Joey had refused to leave the hospital after Danny had been hit by a reckless driver. That was the day Danny lost his leg. ‘Thanks, Joey. I’ll remember that,’ said Danny’s father, staring at Joey’s black eye."

   "Danny looked at one particular pup and grinned. ‘I haven’t chosen any, but that lil cutie over there seems to have picked me. See that one there with the nice face,’ said Danny, pointing.

    The man glanced over his glasses and frowned at the pup he’d pointed to. ‘Ah … So, that’s the one you’d choose if you had the money?’

    ‘Yep. No question. While you were serving that lady, it came over to me and licked my hand. That’s a good sign you know. My Pop taught me that.’"

The man leant forward and frowned at the pup he’d chosen. ‘Did you know that pup’s the only female in the litter … And, that she’s got a deformed foot?’
    ‘A deformed foot?’ Danny gasped, squinting at the pup.
    ‘Yeah. She’s okay, but she was born with a bent foot. She’ll be okay to walk … Just won’t be able to run as quickly as the others.’
    ‘Oh,’ said Danny, once again recalling what his Pop had said. ‘Yep. She’s still the one I want.’ .... "

"‘Yeah, that’s fine. God, you really want that one, eh? Even though she’s useless and …’
    The man’s face dropped when Danny pulled a trouser leg up to reveal an artificial limb. There was also a moment of silence as Danny glared at the man. The proprietor of Pets Galore looked guilty. However, he quickly changed the subject, slipping the money into his apron pocket."

"A few seconds later, Danny gave a new command. ‘Up here. Up here,’ he said, raising both hands in the air. Sheeza glanced back at him, saw the signal and carefully walked behind the mob to gently push them forward. ‘Good girl,’ said Danny. ‘Push up now. Push up, girl,’ he added. When another short, sharp whistle was heard, Sheeza carefully headed along the left flank of the mob and the sheep slowly moved forward. Seconds later, the lead sheep entered the stockyard. ‘Come-bye!’ Danny yelled. His dog obeyed the command and ran cautiously behind the remaining sheep, moving from side to side as the animals trotted into the stockyard one-by-one."  

"‘Breaker. Breaker … Josh Lindsay here again. Hey, guys. I’ll personally offer a reward for anyone who can find that wonderful animal. I mean a sizeable reward. You have my word on that … Over and out.’ Danny smiled when a truck driver responded.

    ‘Heard you loud and clear, Josh. It’s Bernie here. We’ll do our best for you and the kid. I’m headin’ up to Darwin now in my b-double. I’ll ask at all the truck stops,’ said the interstate truck driver.

    ‘Thanks, matey. Appreciate it …Over and out.’"


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