11 June 2015 - TOP RESTAURANTS


G'day folks,

I don't know about you, but one of the reasons I eat at a restaurant (other than not having to cook), is to enjoy an atmosphere that satisfies not only my sense of taste, but also compliments other senses. I enjoy soft music, the touch of soft chairs, the aroma of a well prepared kitchen, and of course - a view. A beautiful view can so enhance the dining experience, satisfying our sense of beauty as we satisfy our tongue's sense of taste. 

Indeed, a dinner at one of these restaurants must be a treat to the senses, each one offers a more stunning view than the last. See if you can guess where these are.

Clancy's comment: Wow! Amazing, eh? I'd be happy to dine in most of them ... Except the ones on the side of a cliff. What about you? Did you guess where they are? Try ... New York, Greece, West Indies, Italy, Maldives etc.

I'm ...

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