G'day folks,

Well, here we are again, but at least we are still here. Merry Christmas to you all, and thank you for following this blog. Thank you to my guests as well. Let's hope it's a better year in 2018. This has not been a wonderful year for me personally. I gave my third eulogy in two years and regularly visited my brother in palliative care for a few months until he finally left us.


However, my brother had two grandsons arrive. Jasper arrived the day he entered palliative care, and the other, Arlo, arrived a week after he died. As most of you would know, it's tough watching someone slip away.

Arlo and Jasper

I had planned to spend a few months in S.E. Asia this year, but cancelled the trip and spent the time visiting my brother. However, I've just re-booked the same trip for April 2018, hoping to begin two new novels and also visit Laos and Cambodia for photography. And, recharge my batteries.

Other than moving house, painting my new abode and landscaping the garden, it's been a busy year in many ways. Again, I'm teaching, and also heavily involved in other community organizations.

The main water feature
 in my courtyard

This blog has been going for more than six years without missing a day, and this year I've continued to promote other creative people as always. Some of their photographs are below. Many are authors, writers, academics and film makers.

Book sales have slumped this year, but I'm keen to keep writing. I will not live long enough to write what I plan to write.  Hopefully, my tenth book, Love Ya Work!,  will have been released before you read this post.

Clancy's comment: So, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all, especially those who have left comments, or been featured as a guest. This Christmas Day I will be doing what I did last year - helping out at our community Christmas dinner for the under-privileged. 

Take care and share the love. Life's short - use it - there is plenty to do.

Love ya work!

I'm ...

Rest In Peace, 'GED'

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