8 December 2012 - BUILDING A BRAND

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G'day guys,

Today I raise a subject that should be on every writer's mind - your brand.

What’s a brand? Most people consider it to be names like Toyota (Oh, what a feeling!), Samsung, Ford etc. It is, but what's yours? For me, it’s Clancy Tucker. Yep, ‘CT’ the writer, storyteller, photographer, author, publisher and human rights activist. My name as an author is what it is all about – warts and all. So, if I make a big deal about human rights issues, the current state of flux in the publishing industry or make some folks feel uncomfortable in the process, I’m quite happy for everyone to know it’s my opinion and wear it – Clancy Tucker’s opinion.

It’s called democracy - freedom of speech etc. So, with your brand, comes all the things that go with the ups and downs of life - the good, the bad and the ugly. Me, I’m quite happy to be seen as an activist on issues that really matter by those who lurk in quiet corners – those who say nothing. So, whether you are perceived as a 'Peter perfect' person who does no wrong, gets along with everyone, doesn't make waves ... or whether you make controversial comments, they all are part of your brand. Some folks will agree with you, some will not - for various reasons. Such is life.

I read a report many years ago whereby psychologists said that you will not like 50% of the people you meet. Mm ... that shocked me. It seemed such a high figure. Thus, I guess you have to work out what you want people to perceive as your brand. My suggestion is to have a good, hard look at yourself in a mirror and be honest. Many folks, especially kids, are smart. They can tell if you are putting on a show to impress people - not being your true self.

One thing I admire about kids is their blatant honesty. They don't have the baggage of life that we have, and they are so optimistic. Trust me, kids are the same all over the world, and they have a bad habit of being kids. Gotta love them for that, eh?

So, how do you advertise your brand? Thought about it? Here's a brief insight into the mind of a famous businessman.



Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. He generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip, Sir Richard speaks about how to build a brand and references his experiences to building the iconic Virgin brand. The discussion was moderated by the beautiful Yasmine Shihata, founder and Editor in Chief of Enigma Magazine.

Enigma Magazine is a leading glossy, English language, lifestyle magazine for Egypt & the Middle East based in Cairo, Egypt. For more information log on to www.enigma-mag.com

It’s a short video, but Sir Richard makes it simple. I love his KISS attitude – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

PS: Check out the security guards at the front of the auditorium.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XpTwzT5XIw&feature=player_embedded


Clancy's comment: it's hard work promoting your brand, but you will fail if you don't promote yourself. Fourteen years ago I had no idea I would now be connected with so many folks around the world - people I deal with on a variety of issues. So, like it or lump it, you must think laterally and dream up ways of getting your brand out there ... everything legal that is. Sadly, it takes me away from what I love most - writing.

I'm ...


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