A novella about abduction, courage, friendship and determination.


By Canadian Author, Diana Sobolewski September 2020

 With so much upheaval in the world, Clancy Tucker's stories are a soothing balm. 'Kick-Ass' Tyler is no exception. Like the other books I've read by this award-winning author (Gunnedah Hero, A Drover's Blanket and Love Ya Work), 'Kick-Ass' Tyler is a safe place to go to quiet the noise and be reminded of the important things in life.

As a human rights activist and champion of young people, Clancy Tucker's values and empathetic personality seep into his stories. He leaves part of himself on the pages and does so with Aussie flare. While intended for a younger audience, anyone can get something out of a Clancy Tucker story.

Samantha Tyler is a spirited young woman who acts out after the death of her father. Newly married, the 14 year old's mother finds Sam to be a handful and despairs her daughter will never give her stepfather a chance.

Still we glimpse an intelligent, astute, resourceful young woman who's a loyal friend. Thinking herself ordinary, she proves to be anything but. When a classmate is kidnapped, Sam springs into action. She mobilizes the school, the authorities, various adults and the media to help in the search. Showing uncommon courage when pursuing a lead that threatens her own safety, Sam doesn't let up.

In the process, Sam unites the community, wins the approval and support of her mother and comes to appreciate her stepfather for the caring man he is. Her actions earn her the handle 'Kick-Ass' Tyler.

I've already purchased the sequel to 'Kick-Ass' Tyler (Better Than Sliced Bread) and look forward to finding out where life has taken the young woman governed by a new found inner strength.

Love Ya Work Clancy Tucker!



Adventure, courage & pure kick-ass Aussie spunk 20 May 2016
By Vicki CASE - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition

When you pick up a Clancy Tucker book to read, you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

I have just finished Kick-Ass Tyler (KAT); Clancy's latest book & it was a corker - full of adventure, courage & pure kick-ass Aussie spunk.

If it’s one thing I deplore it’s that; in most books & movies; the female is characterised as the weak victim who always seems to fall over at the most inopportune time. But not in a Clancy 'Kick-Ass' Tucker book - they just don't - they shine.

Young Samantha Tyler has endured more in her short life than most. She has a rebellious streak, but a heart of gold. Her life & friends were coasting along just fine until a boy from her school is suddenly kidnapped. 'Sam' as she likes to be called; uses her 'kick-ass' magic & provokes her school colleagues & the community into action in an effort to find young Zoran. Somewhere during her endeavours, she herself provokes the kidnapper, & is kidnapped herself.

Sam & Zoran are eventually saved, through the combined efforts of people she has met during the process, her step-father & her beloved dog 'Ruffy.'

KAT is a great read for avid readers of all ages. It is another great adventure story that epitomises the courage & tenacity of our youth; & their resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

I highly recommend KAT. I understand it is one of a series. I am now waiting with baited breath for the next book in the series to come to fruition.

Well done Clancy. You are an amazing author. You honour your country; your literary profession & yourself. I applaud you Clancy Tucker. We need more great authors like you in our schools & libraries.

‘Kick-Ass’ Tyler by Clancy Tucker (Clancy Tucker Publishing)

PB RRP $15.00 plus $3.00 postage in Australia

EBook $3.00 via Clancy’s blog

ISBN 9780646940571

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Another fantastic piece of work by Clancy Tucker, ‘Kick-Ass’ Tyler is Book 1 in a series about a gutsy fourteen year-old girl called Sam Tyler. She is smart in mind and mouth, but is still grieving for her father who was killed two years ago. This grief won’t allow her to accept Max, who has filled her dad’s place.

When her school mate Zoran is kidnapped and held to ransom, Sam’s life changes drastically. Sam now needs Max’s help. Her investigation into the missing boy’s life gives her a sense of purpose. It fires her up. The kidnapping gives birth to a new relationship between Sam and Max. The shift in Sam’s character is brilliantly built up.

Together with her friends Neve, Tina and Jason, Sam creates a committee to help the police find Zoran. This leads to their community being brought together by the school children to keep the search alive and vivid in people’s minds, and find the missing boy. The group also discover inside themselves, hidden strengths that give meaning to their life.

Never one to shirk the hard issues, Clancy Tucker has again addressed powerful themes.  The main one here is missing children. It is tied to threads on teen suicide, bullying and its lasting effects, domestic violence, grief and loss.

This story is fast-paced and full of mystery and as always, comes with strong messages full of optimism and hope. It is aimed at the 8-80 age group and I can’t wait for Book 2!

Kick-Ass Tyler is another ripping yarn from Clancy Tucker. Like PA Joe’s Place, Gunnedah Hero and others, Kick-Ass is an easy read and hard to put down once started.

Sam Tyler (Kick-Ass) is a feisty young teenage girl who's had a hard life, having lost her dad way too early for any kid. To survive that wound and mask the pain, Sam's response was to be tough and a bit rebellious, with a good dash of love and empathy, common sense and wisdom beyond her years, and the kind of guts we all admire - or definitely should!

She mobilises her school mates and community members to help police locate a school mate who's been abducted. Sam is instrumental in rescuing her friend and, in the process, gets herself into all sorts of bother. It's a pleasure to observe her skills and abilities - that any girl her age can develop - watch her character mature, her toughness soften into the quality of ''strength'', and her relationship with her step-dad and some authority figures warm and grow.

This is a book from which young teenage girls, especially, would benefit. Having said that, I am a male and closer to 70 than 60, and I was warmed and encouraged by the authentic humanity of the leading characters, and the values they espoused and demonstrated. And if, as you read K-A,  you cry at times, you are a human being!

Well done, Clancy. Thanks for the joy!

Jack White

Author, musician, pilot, yachtsman, farmer and psychotherapist.

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