These are sites I'd encourage you to visit. They are hard working Australian and international authors, playwrights, writers, poets and organisations, striving to achieve the impossible against great odds. As we say in Australia, 'Give them a fair go'.


Clancy Tucker's website:




Special guest promotion of  yours truly - March 2015

Clancy Tucker

Here is my interview on the website of Jennifer Douglas, who supports self-published authors. I'd highly recommend Jennifer. 

  Stefan Vucak

Award-winning author of political thrillers and science fiction! 
Excellent editor too! Highly recommended.


'Buzz Words Books' - Vicki Stanton

Vicki Tyley

Mystery and suspense novelist. A first-class writer who will keep you on the edge of your seat. Author of 'Thin Blood', 'Sleight Malice', 'Brittle Shadows' and 'Fatal Liaison'.

  Doctor Judith O'Malley-Ford

Author of "The Australian Medical Dictionary ". She is fast becoming an accomplished writer, as well as being a gifted and talented painter and sketch artist. Her second book, "The Medical Dictionary of Conditions and Diseases",  was released in the UK in June 2012. Watch this space, for there is another book on its way on men's health. She is currently seeking a publisher for this book, which is written in everyday language for a general reading audience. There has been a lot of interest expressed already in this third book.

Wall of Hands - Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

For three years now thousands of Wall of Hands supporters have been helping the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation close the Indigenous literacy gap in communities around Australia. This year we need your help to extend our literacy programs to the children of Ali-Curung in the Northern Territory. By donating you'll be giving a new group of kids the life-changing gift of literacy.

Writers' Web

… connects writers direct to their reading audience
… allows emerging Australian writers to have their work read
… places the book directly into the hands of potential purchasers, the reader.

Morris Publishing Australia

The Mystery of Nida Valley:


 Peter Frederick

Peter is an author, poet, limerick expert and cartoonist. He is also a great supporter of independent publishers. For most of his working life Peter has worked as a representative in sales, either  retail, wholesale or in manufacturing. The many mishaps and adversities he encountered are now all factors in his books, enriching, cheering and  uplifting the reader.

* LIFE ON THE ROAD - A Salesman's Lot

An amusing collection of memories put  together by floor-salesman Peter Frederick throughout his career with IKA Floors
read more

* ON THE ROAD AGAIN - and laughing all the way!

More hilarious situations from the author as he travels through Australia’s beautiful countryside, meeting wonderful people ...
read more

Expat Exchange:

This site provides heaps of information for expats either living overseas or heading there.

PEN Melbourne:

PEN Melbourne is one of 145 PEN centres in 104 countries worldwide. PEN International campaigns on behalf of writers around the world who are persecuted, imprisoned, harassed and attacked for what they have written or simply for being a writer. It has committees representing writers in prison, women writers, translation and linguistic rights and a peace committee. PEN Melbourne is active locally, regionally and internationally. It holds literary events and provides opportunities to be involved in freedom of expression campaigns.


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