16 November 2020 - PSYCHEDELIC RUGS - by Azerbaijani Designer Faig Ahmed

- by Azerbaijani Designer
Faig Ahmed -

G'day folks,

The Azerbaijani tradition of weaving carpets is one of the most ancient arts and crafts of the country and dates as far back as the 2nd millennium BC. Because of their high aesthetic value, these vibrant carpets have been used in Azerbaijan to cover floors, decorate interior walls, sofas, chairs, beds, and even tables.

Faig Ahmed is an internationally recognized artist from Baku, Azerbaijan who is known for turning these classic rugs into impressive contemporary works of art. "His works reimagine ancient crafts and create new visual boundaries by deconstructing traditions and stereotypes," reads the description on Faig Ahmed's Facebook page. 

Usually, his mesmerizing carpets begin as a classic pattern, but then turn into an obstacle or glitch. Some rugs get turned into pixelated versions of themselves, some melt into a multicolor swirl, and some get remade into unique-looking mandalas. The list goes on. And no matter what this artist decides to create, each of his pieces turns out absolutely stunning. 

Now, let's see his talented works ...

Clancy's comment: Wow. The man certainly has talent, and also imagination, eh?

I'm ...

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