15 September 2020 - SQUIRRELS ARE SO CUTE


G'day folks,

I love these little guys, but they are not easy to photograph, because they are so quick. The first time I saw one was many years ago in the grounds of the White House in Washington DC. Since then, I've snapped them all over the world, especially in Thailand where they are known as 'Garott'. Here are some snaps taken by other photographers.

Clancy's comment: Very cute. One of my many shots of these quirky animals is below.

I'm ...


  1. I love them too, although kind of po'd at one of the squirrels in my back yard. I have a potted tomato plant out there and, literally behind one of my cat's backs, he walked along the rail of my deck, dropped into the pot, and stole one of my tomatoes. I had been wondering, up until that moment, why that plant had not been terribly productive. And my dumb cat didn't even turn around to see the little bugger making away with my tomato. It was then that I also noted that, while cats may be excellent mousers, they are definitely not at all good at keeping squirrels at bay.

  2. I love them too, very much and these pictures of gorgeous. The little ones in your pictures must be chipmunks who are very tiny squirrals. I wish we can be allowed to import them into NZ as we have so many acorns going to waste rotting on the ground.