3 June 2020 - Guy Earns The Trust Of A Black And Orange Fox

Guy Earns The Trust Of A Black And Orange Fox

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Officially, Sam Gaby is an economist and policy advisor but he’s been a photographer way longer. Sam has been holding a camera since he was 10 years old and even though he considers himself a hobbyist, he has captured some very fascinating shots. Like these.

The photoshoots began when Sam met the foxes in a very small town in Newfoundland, Canada, called Twillingate. “The encounter was surreal,” he said. “I spent almost 8 weeks with these foxes, photographing them almost every day. As you can see, the foxes look very relaxed, with no sign of stress on their faces.”

Indeed. Gaby managed to completely earn the foxes’ trust. Not only did they allow him to take their photos, it’s as if they were glad Sam was spending time with them.

One cross fox really stands out in the pictures. The partially melanistic color of its fur looks simply magical. A long dark stripe running down its back intersects another stripe to form a cross over its shoulders, and it’s impossible to take your eyes off of it.

At first, the cross fox was considered to be a separate species from the red fox, and was given the binomial name Canis Decassatus (the fox genus Vulpes was then commonly included in the dog genus Canis). And even after scientists concluded that they were variations of the same one, fur farmers and trappers continued to treat each red fox color form as a distinct species for quite some time.

Cross foxes are relatively common in the northern parts of North America, and comprise up to 30% of Canada’s red fox population. They were also once abundant in Idaho and Utah before being largely killed off. Some cross foxes are occasionally reported in Scandinavia but they’re very rare there. A study based on nearly 3,000 skins of the red fox in Finland found that 99% were of the reddish form, with cross foxes making up for only 0.3% of the remaining 1%.

Coming back to Gaby, he believes that his job as a photographer is to document the environment and the behavior of the creatures living in it without disturbing them. “I reach a point where I go to that same spot and I call the foxes and they come out of the bush. It took time to build that trust,” he said. “I have never touched any of them, although I wanted to so bad.”

“The foxes were very curious. Extremely intelligent. I watched them digging food out of holes in the ground and also hiding food in the ground. I was told by locals that a long time ago, there was a fur farm in that area but when fur prices went down, the farm closed down and the owner released the foxes into the wild. I was also told by locals that both foxes are siblings.”

In the summer, Sam used Nikon D5, D750 and D610 to capture the foxes. In winter, he used Sony a7 III. “I do my best to visit this little town twice a year. I save up some money and I go spend my money there. I’d rather benefit a small community where jobs and other resources are scarce. These types of communities need our money to survive.”

Clancy's comment: Thank you, Sam. Love ya work!

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2 June 2020 - Russian Couple Places Tiny Fantasy-Inspired Worlds Into Their Jewelry

Russian Couple Places Tiny  Fantasy-Inspired Worlds Into Their Jewelry


G'day folks,

I'm always seeking creative people to share with you, and I've found a couple who make extraordinary items. 


Maxim and Diana run their own little workshop "Maple Fox," where they create amazing jewelry. They put different magical worlds inside their works. For example, they have pendants, rings, figurines, and night lights with the heroes and locations from Warhammer, Dota 2, and The Witcher 3. Along with this, they indicate that most often, people commission jewelry with ships and lighthouses.

In their artwork couple uses wood, horns, mother of pearl, and, of course, epoxy resin.

Diana is an artist and painter, so her main activity in the workshop is precisely artistic. She generates and draws sketches for future artwork, participates in the creation of complex compositions. Maxim is engaged in miniatures, as well as in resin casting, shaping future products, grinding, polishing, and the manufacture of all wooden parts and decorations. 

Now, let's have a good look at their work...

Clancy's comment: Stunning work, eh?

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1 June 2020 - Woodworker Uses His Background In Shipbuilding To Create Stunning Wooden Bathtubs

Woodworker Uses His Background
 In Shipbuilding To Create Stunning Wooden Bathtubs

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The NK Woodworking & Design studio, created by craftsperson Nathie Katzoff, is known for its intricate and award-winning staircases—however, other items it creates are gaining popularity among home design enthusiasts. 

The studio is making headlines with its one-of-a-kind bathtubs. The most unique thing about them is the medium they are made from. Apparently, Katzoff has perfected a technique that allows him to make stunning bathtubs out of wood. The methods developed by the studio allow these bathtubs to keep water warmer for much longer than regular porcelain or metal tubs.

 The tubs are made out of sustainable domestic and exotic hardwood and built in Seattle, Washington. “My favorite to use, visually, as a composition, is walnut and a mahogany called sapele,” Katzoff  said, and the process of making them is quite lengthy.

“With every bath being different, it varies on complexity. However, it often takes us three or four months to make a bath. The most extreme custom bath (no public photos available) we made took almost a year to create,” the creator said. The tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some of them looking like giant bowls and others resembling little vessels.

If you’re interested in having one of these in your home, be prepared for a hefty price tag. While the studio didn’t reveal the exact price range, it is known that the price starts at $30,000. As Katzoff described it: “These are art-level pieces priced similarly to nice cars and handmade high-end art furniture.”

Clancy's comment: Simply stunning, but expensive.

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