15 June 2015 - CALLIGRAPHY


G'day folks,

Ever done any calligraphy? I've tried and failed. What is art if it doesn't break boundaries? Rob Draper is an artist who is all about breaking the rules. Draper, an accomplished designer and illustrator, loves pushing boundaries for the sake of his work, and it really shows in these pieces.

Calligraphy is a beautiful form of writing that not everyone can do. It is truly an art form in and of itself. For some people, doing calligraphy on paper is hard enough, but Draper doesn't seem to be too satisfied with that canvas. His tastes in this area are quite unconventional, using food and various miscellaneous items to create these personal pieces of art.

That's right. When he's not doing freelance work online or teaching design, he's marking up just about anything he can get his hands on, and the results are absolutely incredible. 

Clancy's comment: Well, there ya go. What an interesting world we live in, eh? And, it's a world with a mass of creativity and ideas.
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